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DWTS and premiere of Bachelorette Recaps

Posted at 12:20 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 17:32:47-04

The Bachelorette season premiere –

WWWWAAAA BOOOOMMMM!  Here we are again, another season of the Bachelorette, this time with... Rachel! We got our first look at the men looking to win Rachel’s heart….or are they just there to get some exposure on TV?


First, we get a closer look at some of the guys:

Introducing, Blake E. who is a personal trainer and seems to be obsessed with sex since he talked about that 85% of the time and how important it is. That and his amazing penis, according to what women have said! Yeah, not impressed dude!

We also meet Diggy, his nickname from Chicago, who has over 500 pairs of shoes! A man after my own heart! Now I am wondering if he’d be too high maintenance!

We’ve also got a professional wrestler in the mix, Kenny, who has a 10 year old daughter and seems very genuine.  I like him!

Would you be shocked to know there are a couple of attorneys on too?  Like Josiah, who’s brother killed himself when he was a kid after being bullied! Josiah was lost for a few years after that, got into some trouble but got a second chance and now is an attorney. With first impressions, I like his story and I hope he’s a good guy.

We also get a closer look at Lukas, AKA WaBOOM guy! I didn’t need to get a closer look at him.  He just comes off as a clown and not a funny one! I can’t describe really what WaBoom is other than he shakes his head very fast and yells WA-BOOOOM. Not impressed!

As we all expected, some guys made a big production to impress her, like Brady, who brought a block of ice and a sledge hammer to “break the ice”. Or Blake, who has a marching band come in as he meets her. We also had a guy, Matt, dressed up in costume.  Not a “shark” but a penguin, an animal Rachel loves! We also meet DeMario, who is very confident and suave. Rachel was warned about him by one of her girlfriends but Rachel seems to want to give him a chance. Lee comes out of the limo playing a guitar showing that he’s a singer songwriter from Nashville. Next up, we meet Fred, who brings a yearbook to show Rachel from when he was in 3rd grade. Fred is from Dallas and he shows her HER 8th grade picture, cause they apparently went to school together! Turns out she was a camp counselor and he was one of the kids attending the camp.  All that Rachel remembers of him though is that he was a bad kid and she is not sure she can get past that!

Of course, we can’t forget about our former U of A Wildcat football player Adam, who brings a “mini me” doll with him, dressed in a suit.  He’s creepy; the doll I mean. You can tell that some of the guys have already peaked Rachel’s interest, like Bryan. Bryan is from Columbia and speaks Spanish to her, which she loves. Bryan pulls a "charming" line in which he tells her he’s "trouble", as a joke, which she ends up liking anyways!

During the cocktail party, Rachel seems to connect with a number of guys but some guys like Josiah and DeMario are way too confident and it’s off putting! Then you’ve got the Wa-Boom guy just making a fool out of himself! Rachel meets up with Bryan again and they hit it off, so much so that he basically grabs her and plants quite a kiss on her! While she said she didn’t want to kiss anyone on the first night, she enjoyed the kiss. Turns out the kiss made a HUGE impact because Bryan is the one who ends up with the 1st impression rose, which of course that means they are going to kiss again.  Only this time it was WAY too much to watch.  Geez, how far can you stick your tongues down each other’s throat!?

During the rose ceremony, Blake K, Byrce, Jayme, Grant, Jedidah, Michael, Mohit, Milton and Rob are sent home! As for front runners? Peter, from Madison WI, Bryan, the 1st impression rose winner and Eric, who she met on After The Rose and got her to do a little dance when he got out of the limo.  However, watch out for Lee, the songwriter who seems to cause some major trouble in the house! And who still has a girlfriend?? We’ll find out! Until then, will you accept this final rose?