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Bachelorette Week 8 Recap: Hometown DRAMA

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 17:23:58-04

Bachelorette week 7 – I’m in love with you! -

Time for hometown dates!

First up is Garrett’s home of Manteca, CA! He takes her to his family’s agriculture business. They plant some tomatoes, then he drives a big tractor with her. She loves that he reminds her of her dad. He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing.

Then we meet his parents, sister, brother and their spouses. His sister pulls Garrett away right away and Becca talks to his dad. He tells Becca that he thinks Garrett is ready to be engaged but said that if he isn’t the one for you, you need to be honest with him. She then talks with his mom, who is super protective of him, especially after how hurt he was after his divorce. She talks to Becca about how bad he was after that. But she likes Becca. Garrett and his mom have a good talk and she gives him her blessing. Partly because he said if she doesn’t pick him, he will be ok cause he’s put everything out there. As Becca and Garrett say goodbye, he tells her again that he’s in love with her.

Onto Buffalo, N.Y. with Jason! He takes her to the world famous “Anchor Bar”, Home of the original Buffalo wings. There is a huge crowd and they have them do a wings eating contest. Becca is game for it. Then he takes her to a hockey ring, hockey is a big passion for him and they skate on the ice for a bit and “play” a little hockey! And they get to ride on the Zamboni! Lucky!

We meet Jason’s parents, his brother and his partner. Jason’s mom notices right away how happy he is! And his dad sees it too but still worries. Jason admits to his dad that he’s falling hard for her. His mom asks Becca if she is ready to be engaged at the end after Arie and she says she is now. His mom tells Jason that she can’t read Becca to know if she is falling for him and where they are compared to her other relationships. He said he felt like he was behind the others but since their 1 on 1 that they have now surpassed the others. Jason’s brother tells him he needs to tell her how he is really feeling! So, when he is saying goodbye to her, he tells her that he is wildly, insanely, madly in love with her and he doesn’t say that lightly! And he can say it with more confidence than he has ever had. He doesn’t regret telling her that! Awe!

Next up, we go to Bailey, CO, Blakes hometown! He takes her to his old high school, where his mom was a teacher so he spent a lot of time there. We see a pic of him on the wall of fame! We meet some of his teachers too. In the library, he opens up to her that there was a school shooting there when his mom, sister and he was at school years ago. One student was killed and he said it also has helped shape who he is. He said he came out of that not taking life for granted and part of why he is so positive!

He surprises her by taking her into the auditorium full of people! Becca freaks out cause she sees Betty Who, her favorite singer and is such a fan girl about it. What an awesome surprise! Nice move Blake!

We meet his family, including his mom and stepdad. His mom notices right away how happy he is and when he tells her that he’s told Becca that he’s in love with her already, she is like that’s crazy! She is worried because of how crushed he was from his last relationship. She believes he’s in love with her but worries about how Becca feels. His mom talks to Becca about how hard his last breakup was and she doesn’t want him to go through that again. But she also likes Becca and approves of her, as does the rest of the family.

And then we go to Parker, CO for Colton’s hometown date! First, he takes her to the Children’s Hospital. This is a big passion for him and they spend some time with these 2 adorable kids.

Colton tells her this is the first time he’s ever brought a girl home to meet his family. He hasn’t had a lot of relationships or experience and that worries Becca!

We meet his parents, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. His dad is proud of Colton for addressing the Tia situation head on but asks him if he has asked her about Arie and if she is truly over that. He also asks Becca the same thing. He tells Becca that he thinks Colton is ready for his “right person” but if he isn’t her person, then he doesn’t want her to pick him cause it’s better to get hurt now then lead him on and hurt him more. He asked her to be honest.

Colton tells his mom that he loves Becca and he very well could engaged. When Becca talks to his mom, she asks her if she thinks he’s ready since he hasn’t had much experience, can he commit for a lifetime? She said that after talking to him, if he finds his person, he could and would. As Colton says goodbye to Becca, he tells her he’s in love with her.

If you’re keeping count, all 4 guys have said they are in love with her!

Before the rose ceremony, Becca meets up with 5 of her friends and former contestants, including Tia, from last season to catch them up. She tells them about each of the dates. When she mentions Colton, Tia is visible tense. She asks to talk to Becca and tells her that hearing her talk about Colton, she realizes that she still has feelings for him. And hearing that Becca got to meet his family, makes her sick to her stomach and she needed to tell her. Becca has a poker face and doesn’t seem to react but asks to have some time alone. She is upset, angry and confused. But she said that it won’t have any influence on her decision on who she sends home.

At the rose ceremony, my heart was racing cause I was worried she would send Jason home! Blake gets the 1st rose! YES!!, Jason gets the 2nd rose! YES! Those 2 of my top 2! And Garrett gets the final rose. So, she send Colton home! I said OUCH out loud! I mean he finally tells her he’s in love with her and he goes home.

Becca tells him that his dad had told her if she doesn’t see it with him at the end to let him go now and not lead him on so she is doing just that. Colton is just blindsided!

We are down to 3 and next up is fantasy suites!

So, until next week, will you accept this rose?

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