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Bachelorette recap: The rejected men tell all

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 11:28:43-04

Bachelorette week 9 – He said WHAT?? Men tell all!

We start first with Chris, the guy who really lost it in Vegas! All the guy pretty much jumped on him about what happened. It started when Becca didn’t come look for him on the group date. The guys were like, if you were interested in her that much, then you should have gone to find her. He admits that he was in the wrong and will apologize to Becca.

Chris Harrison then calls on Jean Blanc and before he could answer about taking back saying he’s falling in love with Becca to her, Colton jumps in and starts going back and forth with him. Jean Blanc says something pretty cruel and classless to him about Colton being a pu&&y cause he hasn’t seen one in person. (Remember, Colton’s a virgin). RUDE! Jean Blanc says that in that time with Becca, his mind was going all over the place and while he meant it, he realized it freaked Becca out and though he should take it back, which just made it worse.

Then we move on to Jordon, who still thinks he is AWESOME and very in love with himself. Colton once again, gets into with Jordon, then David jumps in. One of the guys tells David that he seemed more interested in Jordon than Becca cause he talked so much more about Jordon. Chris then brings Jordon into the “hot seat”. Why are they giving him so much camera time? So not a fan! He says he’s the most confident person in that room but that he was maybe too lighthearted with Becca and that’s why it didn’t work out. RIIIGHHHHTTTT!

Joe is next in the hot seat. If you were like me saying, who’s Joe? Maybe if I said grocery store Joe, you’ll remember him. He was sent home on night one but it looks like he made a lasting impression on people cause the ladies have gone crazy over him and he’s loving it. He thought it would be one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to him but it turned out to be one of the best things. And he won’t say if he’s single cause we’ll need to watch him on Bachelor in Paradise! HA! Way to keep your 15 minutes going.

Then Chris talks to the most stylish guy on the show, Wills! Wills was crushed when she sent him home right before hometowns. He was in love with her. He is such a good guy and it was tough for him to watch back his journey with her. The hardest part was for him to hear her say that he would find his person, cause that meant she wasn’t his person. But he says that Becca needs to live her truth and he’s not part of that and he respects that.

Colton is up next in the hot seat. Colton was shocked and surprised when she sent him home after hometown dates. He had no control of what Tia was feeling. He also talks about telling not only Becca but the world that he is still a virgin. He said that Becca is getting flack for leaving the table for a moment after he told her but she wanted to make sure she didn’t say anything wrong and wanted to get her thoughts together. He appreciated it and she was very understanding about it. He said that growing up an athlete, it was talked about a lot and he hid being a virgin and made up lies to fit it. He said people saying he’s less of a man or throwing cheap shots at him like Jean Blanc did because he hasn’t had sex gets to him and he can start to believe that. He’s very emotional about it and says that as an athlete, you don’t let your competitor see you sweat or your weaknesses but then you hold things in and become something you’re not. He says he owns this and will live his truth, which I really admire. And actually, Jordon speaks up and says he respects him for his values.

Now we come to Jason, awe man, I felt so bad for him, he’s such a good guy Chris teases Jason about Becca saying he can KISS! Jason said the depth of their relationship is something he’s never had before. He said that he didn’t know anything was off until the dinner that night. He said that after she sent him home and she was so upset, that they were very similar in that they both felt pain and tears but he never got that closure he was asking for. ☹ But she got the closure

she needed to find her happiness and that gives him the closure he needed. Are you kidding?? I wanna marry this guy! That could have confirmed he will be the next Bachelor!!

Becca then comes out. Jason asks her what he could do differently moving forward in future relationships, but she said he really didn’t do anything wrong, he’s amazing. He says he hopes they can be friends cause she is special, then says, come and give me a hug. It was really cute!

Colton says you can see the glow and happiness on Becca’s face and speaking for most of the guys, that’s what we want, for you to be happy.

Jean Blanc asks to come up and talk to Becca and apologizes for the way he was on that last night and taking back telling her he was falling in love with her. She accepts his apology and he gives her a perfume he created but to keep this time.

Then Chris talks to Becca and apologies as well and admits what a jerk he was and he wants to show her how sorry he really is and brings out a small choir to sing how sorry he is. It was quite funny! And that pretty much ends the show.

So now it all comes down to next week’s 3-hour show!! I’m still TEAM BLAKE!!

Uuntil next week, will you accept this rose?

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