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Bachelorette recap: Jean Blanc's awkward exit

Posted at 2:11 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 17:11:13-04

Bachelorette week 4 – Captain Underpants!

We pick up where we left off last week! Just after Clay left at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.

David comes back after being in the hospital for falling out of his bunk bed and breaking his nose. He is bruised up but I thought he would look worse. Of course, Jordon thinks he looks awful! Cause he’s all about the looks. Jordon was talking with Becca when they heard the guys all cheer! Becca goes right out there and gives David a big hug and wants to talk to him alone right away. Then she says she’ll be right back and goes and gets a rose. She knows he needs to rest so doesn’t want to make him wait for the rose ceremony. Jordon is shocked and annoyed by this. 😊

At the rose ceremony, 2 men go home and again, I didn’t even know there names and they didn’t even show any exit interviews with the 2. I know one was the blond long hair guy. 😊 After that, Becca announces that they are going to Park City, Utah next!

Garrett gets the first 1 on 1 date in Park City and they play tourists in the town. They seem to have a really fun time together! We find out back at the house though that Lincoln thinks the world is flat….but back to the date please.

Garrett and Becca get to go bobsledding on an Olympic track with 2 former Olympic silver medalists from the 2006 games, Valerie and Shawna. Gotta say, that would be pretty cool! Becca is super smitten with him and she trusts him and feels like he “gets her”.

At dinner Garrett gets serious and tells her about how he fell in love right outta college, dated this girl for a year and half, got engaged for year and were married for 2 months before they got divorced! He said she was emotionally abusive with him.

She would tear him down, then build him up. This worries Becca because she wonders if he would be ready to commit at the end of this. He says he wants a 50/50 partnership but if he feels like it isn’t right at the end, he would propose just to propose. Becca gives him the rose and they go to a club where the country group Granger Smith performs for them in front of a large crowd.

Next up is the group date, with 13 guys! WOW! They go to “Becca’s Lumberjack Big Bash”. They learn and try to cut wood with an ax, throw an ax at a target, lift a 400 pound tree trunk, stuff like that. Then they compete in 2 teams. John is the stand out as he may not be a “strong” as some of the other guys but he does a great job and gets the “golden log” trophy from Becca.

At the cocktail party, Becca is really connecting with a number of the guys, especially Blake, Colton and Jason. Then Jordon comes and sees her in his “golden underwear” that Becca got for him. Becca is laughing then Jordon goes in for a kiss and there was no connection there! I mean Becca didn’t even bother to move her arms, they stayed on her sides. Ummmm, yeah, that says it all right there! Jordon and Chris are over the stunts that Jordon pulls and try to talk to him and call him a clown but Jordon won’t listen so Jordon just walks away.

Jean Blanc seems to be very anxious and is ready to make his big move. He has a gift for Becca he’s excited to give her. He teamed up with a big fragrance company to make this new cologne called “Becca Blanc” cause he wants her to take his last name. A little forward don’t you think?? He then whispers in her ear what he wants, which was a kiss thank goodness. After that, Becca feels off with him and that he seems a bit pushy for her. Leo interrupts them. But later, Jean Blanc comes back and interrupts someone else cause he has some unfinished business with Becca. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her already and hopes she’s on the same page with him. It was sooooo awkward cause she didn’t know what to say for a bit. Silence! She was like, wow, that is really fast and I am not there yet and not sure I see it. And says may I walk you out as it’s not fair to keep you hear if I can picture us together at the end.

He is shocked and says, well, what I said earlier, I didn’t mean it, I just thought that’s what you wanted to hear. Now she’s pissed! Cause all she has asked from the guys is that they are honest!

She comes back to the rest of the guys after she let Jean Blanc go home and tells them what happened and how pissed she is and if anyone else can’t be honest with her and aren’t there to really fall in love then you need to leave. She announces that she wants to go home and won’t be giving out the group date rose.

So, no pressure the next day for Wills, who gets the other 1 on 1 date! Becca even admits that she is off today but doesn’t want to make Wills feel bad. They go snowmobiling and stop at the end with this breathtaking view. They talk and he says he just wants to be there for her and see her smile. He wants to get to know her to see if they will be right for each other at the end. He puts Becca at ease and her mood changes!

At dinner, Wills opens up about how he was also blindsided in a relationship he was and was in love. They talked about kids, wedding venues and rings. But then she asked about getting a hall pass then he saw her with another guy at a place they spend a number of their Anniversaries at. OUCH! He wants to know that he is enough for someone and Becca says he’s too hard on himself and gives him the rose. Wills is very laid back but is super excited to get the rose.

Back at the cabin the next day, Chris Harrison comes in and tells them that Becca knows what she wants to do so there will be no cocktail party, they are going right to the rose ceremony. A lot of the guys are freaked out now.

In the end, Becca sends Nick and Christon home. Jordon gets the last rose and is not happy that he was in “last place” so now he’s planning something big for next time, when they all go to Vegas! And it looks like there is a 2 on 1 date with Becca, David and Jordon, so that should be good!

Until next week, will you accept this rose?


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