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Bachelorette recap: Hospital visits galore

Posted at 2:42 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 17:42:59-04

Bachelorette week 3 – AWKWARD!

First up is the group date and the guys go to a spa where Becca surprised them by having a number of former contestants from last season there, including Tia! And yes, Colton is there!! He was ummmm shocked and awkward when he saw her! Becca takes Tia aside to talk to her about her relationship with Colton. They kissed but they never talked about what they were but said at least they would be friends since she lives in Alabama and he lives in Denver. Colton told Tia riht away that he had signed up to be on the show but she was thinking the odds of him getting on where slim. Becca and Tia wonder though if he was hoping it was Tia that was the Bachelorette. Seems like Becca still is unsure about Colton.

Around the guys at the cocktail party, Jordon was bragging about how he has 4000 matches on Tinder. Well, David, who doesn’t think that Jordon is here for Becca went running to her to tell her what Jordon said. It was funny, cause then Becca walks out to the guys and says to Jordon, 4000 matches huh?! And lifts up her hand for a high five. Jordon is thrown off at first but then quickly gives her a high five. OMG, that guy is just a clueless doughbag! He tells David that it was a bitch move and he’s a bitch for what he did.

Jordon quickly goes to talk to Becca to do damage control and Becca says she has a sense of humor and was having fun with him. But you can tell by her body language that she isn’t into him. She asks how he is in a relationship and he says he’s like a golden retriever and will do everything. They still don’t kiss, only hug.

Then, Becca talks to Colton again and he says right away that he’s there for her and no, no emotions got stirred up when he saw Tia. You can tell Becca and Colton have a connection and she seems relieved at what he said and they kiss and she ends up giving him the group date rose.

But before the guys leave, Jordon and David are still going back and forth and the other guys are so uncomfortable and awkward listening to them. Then Jordon goes on about the agency that he’s signed with and all about his face and blah, blah, blah. The guys are trying to hold back laughter! But then in the diary room, Jordon says, I would be worried if I were him (David) Karma is Karma and people that go up against me end up getting hurt sometimes……a foreshadowing??

Chris ends up getting the 1 on 1 date and Becca and him go to Capitol Records! They walk into a recording studio where Richard Marx is there playing the piano. He tells them they are going to write their own love song. Chris looks so scared! Richard says you need to tune into your head and heart and be vulnerable and breakdown your walls. Chris is having a hard time putting down his feelings and opening up but Becca reassures him and he kills it with what he writes down. Richard ends up putting the lyrics from them into a song on the spot. Pretty cool!

At dinner, Chris opens up about his childhood and his dad leaving when he was like 7. He wrote his dad a letter about what he was feeling like 5 years ago but never heard a word from him so that really messed him up more. Becca loves that he opens up and gives him the rose and they kiss. They walk into another room and are serenaded by Richard Marx singing “Right Here Waiting”. Awe!

That night, we see David being taken away in a stretcher! Lincoln said he saw David slumped over and there was blood everywhere. Everyone is freaked out. The next morning, we see Chris Harrison come to Becca’s room to tell her that there was an incident at the house and one of the guys is in intensive care! She was like OMG, who did this to him?? Turns out he fell off the top bunk bed, onto his face and busted his nose and face. He will be ok and Becca calls him to make sure he’s ok! Nice editing Bachelorette!

Time for the 2nd group date. Clay, Garret, Leo, Ryan, John, Derick, Mike, Lincoln, Conner and Blake go on the date. They go to a football field where Becca introduces them to 2 women from the Legends Football League, who have the guys go through a bunch of football drills. Clay is in his element and really impressing Becca. They play the first ever Becca Bowl in front of a crowd and it’s commentated by Chris Harrison and former Super Bowl Champ Keyshawn Johnson. Once again, Clay killed it but didn’t rub it in to the other guys. But on the very last play, Clay hurt his wrist and needed to go the hospital. Common thing this episode. That has to be scary as he is still an active pro football player!

At the cocktail party, Clay wasn’t there but she meets with the other guys. She reconnects with Blake, who had the first 1 on 1 and he calls her his girlfriend and she gets giddy about it. Then Clay shows up in a sling on his arm. He’ll find out tomorrow if he needs surgery or not. Becca is so happy to see him and they are really starting to connect. Clay get the group date rose! I really like Clay, seems like such a sweet guy!

At the party before the rose ceremony, we find out that Clay has to get surgery and he needs it right away. He’s torn because he wants to stay there and see where it could go with Becca but if he does that, then he could threaten his football career by not getting his injury taken care of. He knows what he has to do and breaks the news to Becca! They are both sad and so was I! Becca is pretty upset and that ends the show! No rose ceremony tonight, we’ll have to wait till next week! SIGH!

So, until next week, will you accept this rose?

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- Leslie