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Bachelorette RECAP: Clay spotted in night club with mystery blonde/Vegas Week

Posted at 2:10 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 17:11:04-04

Bachelorette week 5 – “David’s head is in my underpants” - Jordan

We are in Sin City baby! Or Las Vegas! And before I start this, I predicted that both David and Jordan would be sent home on their 2 on 1 date in this episode. We’ll find out if I was right or not!

But first, Colton gets the one on one date and they do something, not very Vegas like. They ride camels in the desert and what’s this??? Come across a hot tub just there in the middle of the desert! Shocking! They have very good chemistry and seem to be really clicking even though it was a little rough in the beginning for them. At dinner, Colton talks about being in love once and it ended just over a year ago. He told the woman early on that he was in love with her but she never said it back and eventually broke up with him. So now he associates love with happiness and pain, which bothers Becca. He said he doesn’t throw the word love or falling in love lightly. Becca gives Colton the rose and they take a double decker bus down the strip and kiss….a lot!

Back at the house, we find out who’s on the group date! Wills, Garret, Blake, John, Conner, Leo, Jason, Lincoln and Chris. They quickly realize that David and Jordon are the only 2 guys left and will end up on a 2 on 1 date! David asks Jordon if he’s going to wear the golden underwear Becca gave him. Jordon tells us that David’s head is in his underpants.

The group date goes to the huge compound of the man of Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, who rides up on a horse to greet them. I gotta talk about how much plastic surgery he’s had! I mean, it’s hard to look at, his so plastic and it affects how he talks! There is such a thing as way too much plastic surgery! Anyway, he has the guys write their own love song to Becca to his famous song, Danke Schoen! And they are going to perform it in front of a live audience! The guys are pretty freaked out but I give them credit for doing it even though most of them

were really bad! Chris however gets the crowd into it and does a pretty good job. He also get a little cocky and feels like he’s better than all the other guys there!

At the cocktail party later that night, Chris just sits back and waits for Becca to come and talk to him! Yeah, he’s getting too cock and confident. In the meantime, Becca is making more connections with other guys. Mainly, Blake, who you can really see, has a big connection with Becca. In fact, he tells her he is starting to fall in love with her and she can’t wipe the smile off her face. She admits to us that she also is falling in love with him and has been since early on! They were gone like 40 minutes so by the time they come back, it’s time for her to give out the rose and she apologizes for not being able to talk to all the guys (Chris). She gives the group date rose to Blake, no shocker there. She then leaves and Chris is livid! He ponders if he should go home or not out loud to the other guys since she doesn’t seem as interested in him as she use to be.

Onto the 2 on 1 date! And they meet up in the Valley of fire, which looks beautiful and peaceful! And the 3 of them are sitting there and Becca was like, enjoy this silence but David just can’t be quiet and continues to talk and talk and talk. Get a clue dude!

Becca goes off with David to talk and David proceeds to trash Jordon and how Jordon talks about the women he’d like to date and that he was walking through the casino pointing out women he’d like to date and that he would be settling with Becca. Becca is not happy about that so when she talks to Jordon, she asks him. Of course he denies everything and says David is a liar! Becca needs some time alone and while she’s gone, Jordon goes off on David, it was pretty funny. When Becca comes back she sits between them and asks them both what the deal is, which then they both start yelling at each other. Becca says she feels like she’s in 6th grade again and walks away super annoyed. When she comes back she tells David that this is where they will part company and is pretty cold

about it. Jordon and her drive away and of course, Jordon has a big smile on his face. She didn’t give him the rose yet cause she wants to know more about him.

At dinner, she tells us that he makes her laugh but she’s not sure if there is any more of a connection than that. There’s not, we’ve seen when he’s gone to kiss her. He asks what she likes to do on the weekends. She answers then asked him and he proceeds to go on and on about his looks, his hair, skin care and his modeling, he even was like awe, I wish I had my portfolio here to show you and just talks about himself the whole time. Then he goes in for a kiss and she basically pushes him off and laughs saying she thought he was going to show off his golden underwear! She then tells him she can’t give him the rose cause she doesn’t think they can get where they need to be to have a future together. He is completely shocked and wonders in the limo what she didn’t like about him. Gee, let’s think……

Time for the cocktail party! Becca grabs Chris right away cause she is bothered that he never came to talk to her on the group date and heard that he didn’t want to be there anymore. He said if he didn’t want to be there, he would have left and he thought their connection was stronger but questioned it on the group date. Becca was pretty mad about the whole thing and wouldn’t even look at him and said she has a lot to ponder about where they are.

That doesn’t sit well with him and he is freaking out and realizes he needs talk to her more and interrupts Wills and her after they had just sat down. Becca tells him, they just sat down but Wills says he’ll give him 2 minutes. But after like a minute Wills comes back and says you gotta go. Chris was like, this is serious and Wills is like and my time with her isn’t. It got a little tense and Wills says, I’m going to ask you one more time politely to get up and they just stare at each other. Becca finally says, I’ll come find you later. Which she does go find him. He says he freaked out and basically f’d up and the old Chris would have left

already but the new Chris realizes that he has someone special in front of him and doesn’t want to lose that.

And then the rose ceremony comes. Chris gets the last rose and John ends up going home. I liked John but there wasn’t a lot of chemistry with them. I think he was in the “friends zone”! Ouch!

Until next week, will you accept this rose?

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