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Bachelorette recap: Blake loses his MIND

Posted at 1:53 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 22:55:18-04

Bachelorette week 8 – Do we have our new Bachelor?

We are already at the overnight dates! And the group goes to Thailand!

Blake gets the first date! Again, he is my favorite right now! GO BLAKE! They go on a hike but because it’s on sacred ground, they aren’t allowed to touch or kiss while they hike up to the temple. They get relationship advice from a monk and I think it just brings them closer together!

At dinner, Blake’s biggest fear is that Becca loves the other guys more than him. Becca tries to reassure him without telling him that she is indeed in love with him! She asks him if it freaks him out that in a week and half, they could commit to each other for a lifetime. Blake said no right away because he looks for reason’s to stay, not to run away. He has no doubts about his love for her. She gives him the fantasy suite date card and I know this will surprise you but he says YES right away!

The next morning, Blake woke up more in love with Becca and it scares him that he could not be the one she picks and that could be the last time he wakes up next to her. You can see it right away that he is in his head. And I don’t blame him!

Jason’s date is next. They walk around and explore the city and the culture. They even try fried crickets. Jason feels that what they have is as strong as any relationship he’s ever been in. He can see her as his best friend and life partner.

But as they are walking around, Becca makes a comment about the future but in that moment, she can’t see him in that future! She can’t figure out why it’s happening now. She feels like she needs more time with him but feels weird.

At dinner, she can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. But she owes it to Jason and her relationship they build to see if they can get it back on track. Now mind you, Jason has no idea about any of this! He still sees her as a lifelong partner and he tells her how much he loves her. She said she needs a minute. AWKWARD!! She is falling in love with Jason but she’s IN LOVE with the other 2 guys and it’s not fair to Jason to lead him on.

Becca comes back and tells him that for the longest time, she could see a future with him and wants to hit herself but she can’t see a clear future with him because she is in love with the other 2 guys. She can’t put him through an overnight date because of that. He asks her if she is certain she can’t see a future with him and she says she can’t say that. (Talk about messing with a guy’s mind!!). He tries to convince her to take a chance to see where it can go with them but she can’t. He handles it so well too. Was hard to watch. Jason is a great guy! She doesn’t want to leave him confused but he says you know how I could be though, right? He tells her she deserves the best!

After Jason leaves, Becca can’t even put into words why. And driving away, Jason just wonders why. Becca feels like she did to him what Arie did to her. Basically, blindsided her when she thought everything was great with them! The next morning, Becca is still upset, mainly because of how she blindsided him but she had to go with how she feels.

But now it’s on to Garrett’s date. They go on a bamboo raft on the river but quickly find out it’s a Thailand National Holiday and the river is packed with party people. But they go with the flow and have fun. Going into dinner, Becca wants to make sure Garrett is really serious about being in love and making a commitment.

At dinner, Garrett admitted that he had cold feet going into this whole thing but then he met her and got to know Becca. But then his fear grew because his feeling’s are now so strong for her and he could still get really hurt. They talk about what their future would look like. He tells her he hasn’t felt this genuinely happy in his life! He tells her he loves her and hopes she’s the last girl he will ever say that to. She gives him the fantasy suite date card and they spend the night in the suite.

The next morning, they are very happy together and you can tell Garrett is just head over heels in love with her. But I also see that Blake is. And I really don’t know who she will pick!

When Becca is back in her room, Jason comes back and knocks on her door. He felt like the door wasn’t really closed properly with them and wants to make sure it’s closed better. He wasn’t going in there expecting her to give him another chance but you know he did but wouldn’t admit that. As he leaves, he gives her a book of “their story”. It was really sweet! Hmmmmm, could he be the next Bachelor??

At the rose ceremony, Garrett and Blake are confused when Becca comes and Jason isn’t there but she tells them she sent him home. The rose is a 2 way street so she still hands them out and they accept. Garrett gets the first rose, Blake the 2nd. Does that mean anything??

Next up is the Men tell all! Can’t wait for that! Then in 2 weeks, the finale!

So, until next week, will you accept this rose?

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