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Bachelorette RECAP: Becca separates the MEN from the BOYS

Posted at 1:23 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 18:33:15-04

Bachelorette week 6 – “I’m going in with guns blazing” - Chris

We are in Richmond, Virginia for this next round!

And while the guys are waiting for the first date card, Chris continues to freak out and says he would really like a 1 on 1 or a 2 on 1, which makes the others go huh? But for now, Jason gets the first one on one. But after they find that out, Chris continues to say he wants a 2 on 1 and would be fine if it was with Lincoln and Lincoln and him just get into a really stupid big argument that the other guys are just over! And so am I!

I like Jason and there seems to be chemistry with Becca and him but we haven’t gotten to know him but now we can! They take a trolley and explore Richmond! They stop at an old church, make donuts, stop at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and go to an “Unhappy hour” yes, you saw that right, Unhappy hour, a goth version of happy hour. But then have fun. Then Becca totally surprises Jason by taking him to a bar where 3 of his closest friends are that Becca brought into surprise him! They rave about Jason and they all get along really well! You can see the chemistry increase with them too! That was super sweet that Becca did that! And he was so grateful for it.

At dinner, Jason opens up and tells her about his dad, who is the backbone of the family and how strong he is. He asked Jason to go see his grandmother with him because she has Alzheimer’s. But when they get there, she doesn’t recognize her own son. And even though he can see the pain in his dad’s eyes, he still does puzzles with her and tries to help her remember things. But when he thought he was alone, he cried! Jason realized then that you can never take anyone or any relationship for granted. She agrees and talks about losing her father and that they are very much on the same page. Becca feels so good with him and feels that they connected on another level and gives him the rose. She said Jason was worth the wait! AWE!!

Back at the house, the next date card comes and it’s a group date with Colton, Garrett, Wells, Connor, Blake, Lincoln and Chris. Which means Leo is finally getting his one on one! Chris is very confident going into the group date and says he’s going in with guns blazing!

They guys meet Becca dressed up in suits and they looked good!! They meet “George Washington and Abe Lincoln”! They learn some history then find out that they are going to be debating each other in the 1st ever Beccalection 2018! They get asked questions and most of them answer with great responses! But when Blake is asked about the guys being open and honest, Chris interrupts him and says that there are guys there that aren’t being honest and tells everyone in the crowd about the argument that Lincoln and him got into and that Lincoln ended up body shamming him cause when he was a kid, he weighed over 300 pounds. Earlier in the debate, Lincoln did take a swipe at Chris to and it just continued back and forth in front of the crowd! SO AWKWARD to watch, can’t imagine being there for it! Becca was both mad and embarrassed!

At the cocktail party, things are tense from the start. Lincoln asks to talk to Becca first. He says he feels threatened by Chris and that he has bad outbursts! Chris comes and interrupts them and Becca says she’s hearing things about him and the other guys, not just Lincoln that they are afraid of him. He is shocked and was like they are lying! She said that Connor even asked to move rooms back at the mansion cause he was afraid of what Chris could do. Chris floored by this that the guys would gang up on him. We find out later that Lincoln kind of made that part up! Garrett comes and interrupts them but Becca is pretty upset and asks if she can have like 5 minutes to herself. Garrett is pissed and tells Chris he needs get past whatever this thing is cause once again, it’s affecting Garrett and the other guys and their time with Becca.

But Becca comes back and grabs Garrett and doesn’t let what happen ruin her night. Wills tells her he’s falling in love with her. But in the end, she gives Colton the group date rose!

Onto the 1 on 1 with Leo! He’s a super chill guy but he wants to see if there could be future with her. But Becca is in her head and not really being herself, she’s having a bad day. Becca talks to him about how she’s feeling about everything after they take a plane right over the city. He listens to her and just wants to be able to make her smile. He makes her feel much better and they shuck oysters and have fun. They are making a connection.

At dinner, Leo opens up and says he idolizes his father but he feels like he failed him because he was an up and coming baseball player but never made it pro and feels like he let his dad down. He’s very hard on himself now and feels like he’s not good enough sometimes. Becca tells him he should never doubt himself. He tells her that no matter what, he will always be there for her. Awe, sweet! She gives him the rose!

They then go to a theater full of people and Morgan Evans performs for them as they dance.

Back at the hotel, Chris is once again on edge and as soon as Leo gets back, Chris gets up and leaves the room! Looks like he’s on a mission to go see Becca. He seems to think this is gonna work out well. I’m not thinking that!

Chris knocks on Becca’s door to her surprise and comes in to talk. He wants her to know how serious he is about this and her. He says he can totally see marrying her at the end of this journey. But she questions that and how last week he was questioning her and her feelings for him yet now he’s ready to marry her. She disagrees with a lot of what he’s saying and he almost seems pushy to make her agree with him but she says they are behind everyone else

now and she doesn’t think they can get back on track now. He’s like so what are you trying to say. Really dude?? She says it’s not gonna work out and can I walk you out. Which he was like no a number of times but she’s like, I want to walk you out to show you respect! As he leaves the hotel he’s like this is total BLIIIIPPPP.

The next night, the guys are ready for a cocktail party cause a lot of them are on edge but Chris Harrison shows up and tells them Becca knows what she wants to do and we are going right to the rose ceremony!

In the end, Connor and Lincoln go home and it wasn’t too much of a shock after you see who’s left, it made the most sense that those 2 would go home!

So, until next week, will you accept this rose?


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