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Bachelorette recap: A minivan, an ox & a hearse

Posted at 1:20 PM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 18:32:18-04

Let’s do the damn thing! – Bachelorette Premiere!

We start off the new season of the Bachelorette with Becca reliving the wonderful engagement and marriage proposal she got from Arie, only to be blindsided by him breaking up with her to go back with Lauren. Have to say, it got me mad all over again, especially since Arie and Lauren just announced their wedding date, days before this premiere. Said they didn’t want to take the spotlight away from Becca and that’s why they did it now. Really douc bag? That’s exactly what you wanted to do.

I digress! Becca meets up with 3 former Bachelorettes, all engaged too, Rachel, JoJo And Katlyn, who give her the advice to trust your gut and that women have a much clearer idea of what they are looking for! I agree! And then they decide to sage the house of bad juju! Especially the couches! HA! They also pointed out they the 3 of them gave the first impression rose to the guy they are all with now! Hmmmm

Then we get some background on some of the guys! Jordon, the male model stood out but not in a good way. He’s very much about himself and says that he wants to “share himself with someone else”. HA! If that doesn’t say he’s way into himself, not sure what will. Don’t think he’ll last too long.

As the guys get out of the limos, one of the first we meet is Colton, a former football player who now formed and runs a nonprofit for kids. I like him! He’s a Midwest guy and quite hot! There is Leo, a stuntman with long, beautiful wavy black hair. Becca joked that his hair was better than hers! I am curious about him.

Then we see the stunts of some of the guys. Mike brings a stand up of Arie so Arie can see her tonight and how happy she is. Ok…..

Garrett drives up in a minivan to show he’s ready to be a husband and a daddy and even has a car seat and sports equipment in the van. Cute.

Blake, who we met on After the Rose, who came out on a horse, now arrives on an Ox and says his feelings are as strong as an Ox for her……

By the way, what is with all the high-water pants with no socks look?? It was a bit much!

We also meet Jake, who it turns out Becca and he have met a number of times back in Minneapolis.

Then Trent drives up in a hearse?! He said he literally died when he found out that she was the Bachelorette. And we have another costume, this time, a chicken, AKA David. I was a little worried about him but he seems pretty cool and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Not to be outdone, Chris brings out a choir to sing for her! Nice! 28 men in all this season!

During the cocktail party, we find out that Chase, who we met on After the Rose show, had an ex who texted one of the other contestants from Miami as well and said Chase wasn’t there for the right reasons and he’s only there to revamp his image and his company. So he brings it up to Chase which I thought was cool of him instead of going right to Becca. Well Chase wants to get ahead of it and tells Becca about it but he doesn’t know exactly what his ex said but that he dated her for like a month 2 years ago. He brings in the other guy to find out what was said but Becca wasn’t sure what to think about it at that point.

But that made Becca think and she grabs Jake, the guy she knows from Minneapolis. She said they had met on a number of occasions but he had never

shown any interest in her then so why is he on here now? He only remembers meeting her once at a Christmas party. But again, she questions him that he wasn’t interested in her then and she didn’t feel anything towards him either and sends him home right away! Love that she shows she ain’t playing! To the cameras, he said, anyone who knows me, knows I’m F&%$ing romantic! HA!

Becca decides to give the 1st impression rose to Garrett, the guy in the minivan! So we’ll have to see if he sticks around till the end.

At the rose ceremony, Becca sends 6 guys home, including Chase, Kamil, who’s never been dumped on a first date and is really, really, really embarrassed, Joe and 3 others that I don’t even remember their names!

This should be a good season! Some stand outs for me include Colton, Ryan, the banjo player, Clay, the football player, Garrett, who got the 1st impression rose and Leo, though I don’t think he’ll last long. And it looks like Jordon, the model stays on much longer than he should!

This is gonna be a fun season! So until next week, will you accept this rose?

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