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Bachelor Recap: Urine, bugs and hot tubs!

Posted at 12:35 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 16:53:45-05

“I’ll drink my own urine for Arie” – Jenna


Arie and the girls are starting to travel! First up they all go to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada! And Seinne gets the first 1 on 1 date with Arie! They get on a boat and parasail! They then go to a beach and talk a bit. I admit, when they took a shot of them from the back, I was looking to see if I could see some Arie butt crack but nope, only got to see his underwear band and part of the underwear. I couldn’t make out the brand!


Anyway, back at the house, Maquel gets a call from her mother that her Grandfather had passed away. So she packed up to leave and be with her family. They did leave it open for her to come back but it would seem like she would be way behind the other girls if she did. We’ll see!


Back on the date with Seinne, they talk about being in love and how she hasn’t had a good example of it but they both have a good feeling about each other and she gets the rose.


The next date is a group date with Chelsea, Krystal, Marikh, Becca, Ashley, Jacqueline, Lauren, Jenna, Tia, Kendal, Britney and Caroline. That means that Bekah is getting the other 1 on 1 date and she is sooooo excited about it! But first, let’s get through this group date! They meet Arie in the woods and take a light hike and meet up with a retired Green Beret and his wife. They are going to teach them survival skills! And they start with recycled water, AKA your own urine! Yep, you read that right! So they give the ladies each a water bottle to pee in. That isn’t easy to do it a bottle for us ladies! Arie is going to lead by example and drinks some of what is in his container but then spits it out. But then Jacquline is about to drink hers and Arie stops her and says no, I was drinking apple juice, don’t drink yours. Then they cut to Jenna, who tells the camera she’s drink her own urine for Arie. Now that is love…..or just not being smart!


Then they bring out the bugs to eat and some of the women actually do eat a worm and Kendall eats a maggot too along with Arie! Then she pulls him away for a few seconds to get a kiss from him, to Krystal’s dismay! Then they spilt up in 3 groups and go hiking to their final destination, which is a nice cabin and huge hot tub! Arie goes and puts his arm around Krystal in the hot tub while Tia and Caroline joke around and put their arms around each other. Krystal thinks they are making fun of her and is hurt. WOW! She needs time alone with him and is getting flustered!


At the cocktail party, Krystal becomes more whinny and stays that way when she talks with Arie. She talks about how hard this is for her and that the other girls, especially Tia and Caroline were picking on her, whhhaaaaaa, whaaaaa! OMG girl! Literally, cue the tears. She then pulls Tia and Caroline aside to tell them they hurt her feelings and that she told Arie that. Tia is over her and walks away to go talk to Arie. Good for Tia, she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about all the other drama going on, she wants to concentrate on the 2 of them! She opens up more to him and Arie is happy about it and gives her the group date rose, again to Krystal’s dismay. She is confused why she didn’t get the rose, cause they have the strongest relationship.


Time for Bekah’s 1 on 1. They start by horseback riding to another little cabin with a what??? Why a hot tub of course! It gets pretty steamy with them and she learns about a car crash Arie had when he was like 15. They seem to be very open with each other and in between the make out sessions, they have good conversations. BUT he still doesn’t know how old she is. The other girls think that when he finds out, he won’t give her the rose.


At dinner, they get into a pretty deep discussion. Arie knows she’s young and wants to know if she is ready for the next step. As they talk, she says, wait, you don’t know how old I am do you? She is nervous to tell him but says, she’s 22! A 14 year age difference. Now, my mom and stepdad are 14 years apart BUT they also met when my mom was in her 50’s. I think there is a big difference in when you meet. It definitely threw Arie off. He’s very worried that she’s not ready and could break his heart if he continues with her. I respect that he is really concerned about this but in the end, he gives her the rose but says he will guard his heart with her. I have her in my final 4 but not winning it all!


It’s time now for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. A lot of women are on edge tonight, especially Krystal. But instead of Arie walking in, Chris Harrison walks in and tells them Arie knows what he wants to do and they will skip the cocktail party and go right to the rose ceremony. The girls have looks of shock on their faces!


AND right before Arie is about to give out the first rose, Krystal stops him and asks to talk to him for a few moments. If looks could kill, she would have been dead in 2 seconds from all the looks the women gave her! She then basically whines once again to Arie about how she’s there for him and doesn’t want to play games, blah, blah, blah. Now for those hoping he would send her home, I knew as soon as they walked back in that she would get a rose, otherwise he would have sent her home when they talked. And yep, she got the last rose and sadly, Brittney gets sent home. I liked her! Also, Caroline gets sent home, she was Tia buddy.


Will Krystal go home next week? Editing say yes but they are good at fooling us!


Untill next week, will you accept this rose?