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Bachelor recap: Unexpected guest shows up for fantasy suite dates

Posted at 12:33 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 14:52:23-05

Fantasy Suite overnight dates!


For the overnight dates, we go to Peru!


And Kendal is up first! They go on a fun dune buggy ride on these cool sand dunes! They go up to a cliff of sand and get to “snow board” down it! Kendall though is worried that she is very much in her head and wonders if she really can seeing being engaged at the end of this. She won’t take that step if she isn’t ready.


At dinner, they talk more and she tells him she trusts him to be herself around him, which isn’t easy. She says she’s falling in love with him and he says he is falling in love with her too. Then he gives her the fantasy suite card, to which she does accept after having a great day with him. They make out on the bed and the lights go out!


The next morning, they are very affectionate with each other and Arie says they had a great night of talking and getting to know each other, he even knows how she likes her eggs. Both agree that they can see a future together!


Next up is Lauren. They go up in a plane to see Geo glitz shapes, which are pretty cool to see. But Arie worries and can see that Lauren is in her head and not enjoying their time. And she admits she’s in her head. When they are back on the ground, she says she sees a future with him but the stronger her feelings are about Arie, the stronger her fears are about getting hurt. And she wonders if she can even do this anymore. Arie tells her it scares the shit out of him to think that she could give up. But if he’s always reassuring her, he can’t get to know her. Arie tells “us” that he’s in love with her and he does tell her that he’s confident in them because he does love her. She says she loves him back. Arie gives her the fantasy suite date card and she accepts right away.


The next morning, Arie says it’s gonna get harder before it gets easier. Almost like he’s made up his mind already. They seem to have had a great night of “conversation”.


Now it’s Becca’s turn. They take a catamaran to see the sites. They have a great talk and it just seems to easy with them. She asks if he has any doubts with her and he said not right now he doesn’t. She wants to tell him she loves him and is hopeful she’ll do it at dinner.


At dinner, Becca talks about how skeptical she was going into this but little by little he kept taking more and more pieces of her heart and after home town dates it struck her that she’s not falling in love with him but she is in love with him. To which, Arie says he loves her too! SAY WHAT?? Now he’s told 2 women he loves them and one he’s falling in love. So I can guess who’s going home now! Arie gives Becca the fantasy suite date card and she says yes, let’s go, right away.


The next morning, Becca can’t stop smiling, she’s so happy and says that nothing could ruin this…..famous last words. Because when Arie is back at his room, he gets a knock on the door and a guy introduces himself a Ross, Becca’s ex!! I got it wrong, I thought for sure it would be Lauren’s ex. Ross tells Arie that he found out about a week ago that Becca was on the show and he came to get her back and that the proposal is for him to give her. Arie handles it pretty well telling him they are pretty far in their relationship and they both told each other they love each other. But he can’t speak for Becca and what she will say. Arie asks him that if Becca wants to be with Arie if he will respect their relationship. Ross can’t say he will. He leaves and Arie is angry and worried about it as he literally had said earlier that day that he almost wanted to just ask Becca now to marry him and end it right there. Stupid Ross better not screw this up for Becca!


Ross knocks on Becca’s door and the look on her face is both shock and anger! She won’t even let him into her room but said they can talk outside for a few minutes. He keeps pouring his heart out to her and she barely can say a word. She says that he feels like his life is a movie and it’s gonna turn out like the Notebook. She tells him she didn’t even know him at the end of their relationship and it ended for a reason. You can tell she really is past that relationship. He realizes it was a mistake to come there, “she doesn’t want me”. Becca now is more concerned with how Arie is doing so she goes to see him. He still worries that there are still feelings there after being together for 7 years and wonders if he will have to deal with Ross more if they got engaged.


But it rose ceremony time and once again, before it starts, Arie asks to speak to Kendall. He tells her he doesn’t think they can “get there” in time. She seems to take it quite well and says she’s going to miss him. But you can tell she wasn’t there with her feelings and she admits in the car that she couldn’t see it with them and that was very frustrating for her.


So now it comes down to Lauren and Becca with the MOST SHOCKING ENDING EVER according to Chris Harrison. I have a feeling that “I know what you did” comment that Caroline mentioned on the women tell all show will play out next week.


Untill next week, will you accept this rose?