Bachelor Recap: One proposal one new Bachelorette



We are back for part 2 of “After the final rose”. We see Arie making the trip to see Lauren to see if she will take him back. In between seeing scenes of that, we see Becca going through the heartache of the breakup, looking at pictures of Arie and her, her crying and going back to Minnesota. Right before Arie goes to Lauren’s door, he has a panic attack.We then see Arie and Lauren reunite. She runs into his arms when she answers the door. He had called her ahead of time to see if she was willing to take him back. In fact, we learn that Becca and him had talked about him reaching out, Becca told him to do that if he needed closure but he didn’t tell Becca that he reached out to her until a week after he did.


Lauren says that it’s been so hard to go through what happened but she was almost giddy that she gets him back and didn’t hesitate to say she wants him back. (Girl, he didn’t choose you, you were his second choice, be strong). The thing that really gets me mad is that he seems to just throw away what Becca and him had, like it didn’t happen.


Then Chris Harrison brings some of the fan favorites from this season on to get their take on it. Bekah, Caroline, Tia, Seinne and Kendall come up and they do not have nice things to say about Arie. Bekah says he’s one of the most manipulative person she’s ever met. He tells the different women what they wanna hear. They all LOVE Becca and they have nothing bad to say about Lauren but hope she runs the opposite direction of Arie! We also find out that Arie contacted Lauren and basically knew she would take him back before he broke up with Becca! That is big! He keeps saying he was taking a huge risk but he wasn’t, he knew she’d take him back. DOUCHBAG!!


Chris then brings out Becca, who says watching the breakup last night was actually good for her to help give her more closure with this whole thing. Shedoes have questions though for Arie and she will see him soon. But she’s ready to close that chapter of her life and doesn’t want to look to the past anymore. We find out that someone in Bachelor Nation started a fund for Becca to buy a drink and relax and the fund is now over 6 grand! She says to donate it to Stand Up For Cancer and Chris says the Bachelor will match that amount to donate!


Arie joins Becca and she asks him when he realized it was over with them. She is so nice too cause she says she forgives him and just wants him to be happy. Though I love that she said that “you robbed me of having that 1st proposal for me”! OUCH! It’s true! And she asks why he proposed to her if he was still so conflicted. He said that was a mistake and that was all on him! Uh yeah!


After the break, they bring Lauren out to be with Arie. She looks very happy and neither of them watched last night’s show, they are trying to bury they heads in the sand! It seems like both of them just want to pretend like everything with Becca didn’t happen and it was the 2 of them all along! Lauren even says that Arie went about dealing with this whole thing in a respectful way?! Uh WHAT?!?!


Not shocking, Arie proposes to Lauren and she accepts right away. I literally couldn’t watch it, I had to fast forward so I am not sure what he said, I didn’t want to hear it!


Here’s my take on them, I think the backlash of what happened will be too much for Lauren. She’s going to doubt everything, especially if Arie will change his mind again and they will break up. Or maybe they will live happily ever after……Plus, we are now hearing that Arie was PM’ing some of the other girls from his season when he was also talking with Lauren….again DOUCHBAG!


We come back to Chris Harrison announcing the new Bachelorette! BECCA!! The audience goes NUTS and I was really happy too! Becca says she’s really ready to find the person for her! And they surprise her by bringing out a couple ofthe guys to meet her already! The show will be on in late May! Yes, I will be watching! Love her!

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