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Bachelor Recap: If you call Arie a liar do you still get a rose?

Posted at 12:05 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 18:38:13-05

“I’m on a dreamboat but I’m WITH a dreamboat”……. – Chelsea


Arie and the ladies are off to Ft. Lauderdale! And Arie walks into the hotel room of the girls and announces the first date is about to start and asks Chelsea out. They go on a beautiful yacht as some of the girls watch through a telescope from their patio and see them jet skiing and making out. Needless to say, they go back to their room. And then Maquel comes back from being in Utah for her Grandfather’s funeral. I was surprised to see her back but the other girls seem thrilled to see her again. But will Arie be excited to see her, that is the big question.


At dinner, Chelsea opens up about her ex and how they met and what happened between them. And even if I don’t really see them together, Arie sees something in her and they have some chemistry and he gives her the rose. And in typical Bachelor style, they walk into a room with a band playing just for them to dance to.


Back at the hotel, the group date card comes. Maquel, Krystal, Becca, Bekah, Jenna, Seinne, Kendal, Ashley, Jaqueline, Marikh and Lauren B are going on the group date. Which means that Tia is getting the other 1 on 1 date!


The group date is at a bowling alley! That’s fun…until Arie tells them that they are going to split up into 2 teams and the winning team gets to go to the after party and the losing team has to go back to the hotel. That is when the claws and the competitiveness comes out! The blue team ends up smoking the pink team. Of course the girls on the pink team are super bummed out and are not happy that Krystal is almost gloating about her team winning.


You can tell that Arie is feeling bad for the other team so he calls them out and said he changed his mind and wants all the girls to come to the after party. Of course the girls on the pink team are thrilled but Krystal is PISSED and she had that fake I’m really pissed but I’m gonna pretend that everything is fine smile. We’ve all had that face!


When the girls get back to the hotel to change, we find out that on the shuttle back to the hotel, Krystal lost it and was calling Arie a liar and he was disrespectful to her and the blue team because he didn’t consult her, he just told them that is what they are doing and she is looking for a partner to make decisions together. Yadda yadda yadda! And she comes out of her room in her robe and says she’s not going to the cocktail party because she is mad and feels disrespected……


When Arie meets the ladies at the bar at the hotel, they tell him what happened and what Krystal said about him. He asks if he can go talk to her then would come back and hang out with them. So basically she’s getting what she wants. He’s coming after her after she threw a tantrum! He’s playing right into her hands!!


Arie tells Krystal that he knows she is pissed but that couples can’t runaway from their issues and it’s making him pull away from her. He said she shouldn’t join the party and he’ll see her in a few days. He’s pissed and he should be!


At the party, he reconnects with Bekah but still has his reservations about her age but that doesn’t stop them from making out! And I was happy to see that Becca and he reconnected a bit. He wanted to take her to his room so they can spend some alone time and wanted to make her feel special. GO BECCA!


In the meantime, Krystal decides to show up to the party anyway. And the girls jump all over her and ask her questions, especially Bekah who won’t back down but Krystal doesn’t really answer any questions and feels attacked so she leaves…again.


Arie spends some time with Lauren B who does a game of 21 questions. They seem to connect better after that and she gets the group date rose and she gets the group date rose!


Time for Tia’s 1 on 1! They take an airboat on the Everglades and see alligators and turtles and seem to have a great time, just chill and relaxed. They stop at a house that is literally build in the Everglades. They get a chance to really talk and they have a nice chemistry. Tia is starting to fall for him and what I like about her is that if she’s feeling something, she’ll tell you. At dinner, we learn that Tia has a Doctorand in Physical Therapy! And yes, she tells Arie she’s starting to fall in love with him! And yes, she gets the rose!


At the cocktail party, Kendall has a book with 100 questions in it and has Arie pick a # and the question was about if you were with a tribe and they ate human meat, would you try it!?? The look on Arie’s face was priceless! He said no but she said she would try it cause she’s curious! He said she scares him sometimes. Uh yeah!


Krystal tells the girls that if they wanna talk one on one with her about stuff they can. Bekah asks her why she still there and Krystal just sits there not saying a work and Bekah just walks away, she can’t handle her anymore.


But of course, Krystal turns on the charm and poor me story to Arie. It’s so fake and he continues to fall for it. Though you can tell he’s pulled back from her but still, he’s keeping her. And sure enough, it’s Maquel, Ashley and Markh that go home and Krystal gets the last rose. SIGH!


Untill next week, will you accept this rose?