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Bachelor recap: Extreme one on one dates and our first fight of the season

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 17:37:16-05

The women are in the house and ready for the first date! Chris drops off the date card and Becca’s name is on it. Becca is the publicist from Minnesota hey! A good Midwest girl!


Arie tells her they are taking a motorcycle ride and he puts on her jacket for her, zips it up and puts her helmet on for her! AWE! Then he says to hold on tight, which she was like OH I can do that! They arrive at a beautiful house where they are greeted by stylist to the stars and a designer herself, Rachel Zoe! Arie tells Becca that this day is all about her and he wants her to pick out one of Rachel’s clothes from her collection. After she tries on dresses, he tells her she gets to keep them all AND then he presents her with a blinged out pair of Louis Vuitton shoes! And he says she can keep them too! WHAT?! Oh Arie, you know the way to my heart! He later surprises her again with jewelry! Arie says he wants to spoil her cause she seems so down to earth. They have a pretty good make out session and Becca agrees with the other woman who have kissed Arie, those lips! They have some good chemistry!


At dinner, the conversation flows and she opens up about her father’s death and how close she is to her mom and sister. She also tells him she won’t settle and knows what she wants. Her longest relationship was an on/off one for 7 years. I have a weird feeling that that relationship! But I really am liking these 2 right now and I Becca has now shot to the top of my list! And yes, she gets the rose! By the way, I have a gut feeling that she goes far AND it could be her ex that shows up wanting to marry her!


Back at the house, the next date card comes and it’s another 1 on 1, this time with Krystal, the fitness instructor. I think everyone is surprised it’s another 1 on 1 date. The card says home is where the heart it!


Krystal meets Arie at an airport and he tells her he’s taking her to his home, Scottsdale, AZ! Hey, right up the road from us! Arie takes her around town and shows her his high school and where he lives, which is very nice. Arie looks like he’s pretty anal about everything in it’s place cause even his clothes in his closet here sorted by color. They look at old photos and embarrassing home video of Arie then he takes her to meet his family already! DANG! I thought she asked some good questions, like asked his younger brother what it was like having Arie as a brother and how his parents met.


Back at the house, the next date card came and it’s a group date card with 15 GIRLS! Whoa! That’s a lot of women on 1 date!


Arie and Krystal are now back in L.A. and going to dinner, Arie wants to know more about Krystal and her family. She is scared to talk to him about her family cause she’s not close with them. Her parents divorced when she was young and it seemed like neither parent seems interested in having kids and she had to help raise her brother, who she recently found out was on the streets. She was emotional about it but Arie understood and is still very interested in her. They make out and yes, she gets the rose. Then, like in all Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, they are serenated again by a singer.


Before the group date, the women are asking Krystal what happened on the date and she really won’ share anything which just annoys everyone.


The women meet Arie at a demolition Derby track. The women are excited and competitive. Well, except for Annalise, who is crying, freaking out cause she had a bumper car trauma when she was a kid and those feelings are coming back now. Arie comforts her and once she’s in there, she seems to take her aggression out cause she was smiling afterwards! It comes down to Tia and Sienne and Sienne comes out the winner!


At the cocktail party, Chelsea once again grabs Arie right away and tells him she’s a single mother, which he has no issue with. Bekah and Arie have a very steamy make out session and there is a lot of chemistry there. But it’s Bibiana who brings the drama as she is getting more and more worked up that she hasn’t had any time with him. She ends up melting down and locks herself in a room. In the end, Arie gave the group date rose to Sienne. I think both Chelsea and Bekah thought they’d get the rose!


At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the girls that didn’t have a date with Arie are eager to spend time with him BUT Krystal, who has a rose already and is safe, interrupts one of the girls with Arie. And when she is talking to the camera and holding her rose, she comes off so smug! Not a good look! THEN when Bibiana FINALLY gets some time with Arie, once again, Krystal interrupts them! This is the 2nd time she’s done that with someone tonight, for the record! Uh, Bibiana is NOT the one to mess with and she goes off on Krystal saying that she is fake and disrespectful of the other women who haven’t talked to him and she dug her own hole cause now the women are going to keep interrupting her when she is trying to spend time with Arie. Don’t mess with Bibianna, she has a short fuse!


In the end, Valerie, Lauren G and Jenny go home, though Jenny snubs Arie and doesn’t even say goodbye. Arie goes after her and she is very cold to him. She says she isn’t sad about him but about the friends she’s made in the house. Bitter much? Then we find out as she walks out that she’s never been broken up with! There it is! Get over it!