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Bachelor recap: Could this be the harshest TV breakup ever?

Posted at 12:50 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-06 16:32:44-05

The Final rose…..or is it??

We stay in Peru where both Lauren and Becca get to meet Arie’s family. But first, Arie gets to talk to his family and has a 1 on 1 talk with his dad, who he tells that he’s in love with both women and really doesn’t know who he will choose.

First up is Lauren, who again, is super nervous. Arie’s brother asks her what date stands out the most and Lauren says that all of them stand out because it just got better and better. Arie’s dad talks to her alone and asks about any doubts or concerns. She brings up that she’s been engaged before and it didn’t work out so that is in the back of her head that this won’t work out either. Arie tells his brother and sister that he’s had to reassure Lauren a lot and hold her hand through this. They bring up that with his ex, it was similar and that he wasn’t able to have a real conversation with her and talk all night. And is that the same with Lauren? Aire does worry that he’ll constantly have to reassure her. When Lauren talks to Arie’s Mom, she opens up about how much she loves Arie and breaks down. The family really liked Lauren.

Now it’s Becca’s turn. She has it much tougher because the family loved Lauren and they seem to be open to comparing her to Lauren. Becca talks with Arie’s mother and his mother brings up the fact that Lauren was engaged before and she worries if Lauren is ready to do it again and if Becca is ready. Becca is very confident in what Arie and her have and sees their future together and him being the father of her children. Then Becca talks with Arie’s dad who talks about how great Lauren was and that he’d be happy with either woman Arie chooses, which doesn’t make Becca feel great. It’s like every person was talking about their talk with Lauren and how does it feel to know there is another women still there. Really throws Becca off but she handled it really well.

Afterwards, when Arie talks to his family, they are actually leaning more towards Becca being a better suit for his future than Lauren. Now it’s on to the last dates with each girl and Lauren is up first. Lauren and Arie go to Macha Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world and explore. Lauren really opens up to Arie and he finds himself falling more in love with her. That night, Lauren says she has no doubts about them, tells him how much she loves him and why she loves him. Him reassuring her and holding her hand through this has given her so much confidence and she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him. They talk about the “special feeling” that can’t be described between them.

Arie is really torn now as he goes into his final date with Becca. But as the date goes on, Arie is reminded of why he loves Becca so much. Becca feels uncertain going into the final date night She wonders if he’s equally in love with both Lauren and her. She feels like Lauren is someone like he’s dated in the past and Becca is someone different and that can be his equal. Arie admits to her that he is very conflicted between Lauren and her. Becca gives Arie a scrap book of the time they spend together and it even has a page ready for their 1st born child.

But now it’s rose ceremony time. We see Lauren get out of the car first. Lauren has no doubts about them and expects a proposal when she walks over to him. And here is what made me mad, Arie let Lauren poor her heart out to him before he breaks her heart. Why not stop her right away! Arie tells her something is holding him back and he can’t go through with his. He can’t explan it and he did fall in love with her. Lauren is very confused and wishes him the best and “that’s all I have to say”. He walks her out and she asks him “why did you do that”? She still loves him and he says he loves her too. He feels like a monster cause he wanted to tell her he loves her but he’s telling her goodbye instead. In the car, she wonders how you get down on 1 knee and propose to someone when you were still conflicted as of that morning. Good question Lauren!!Becca comes and pours her heart out to Arie and he in turn also pours his heart out and says he chooses her, he chooses her everyday! Wasn’t that a line that another Bachelor said too?? He gets down on one knee, proposes and she accepts. And they lived happily ever after……for a few weeks.

Here’s the big twist….As the 2 spend time together, Arie is struggling to get past Lauren, he can’t stop thinking about her. Becca is aware that he’s struggling but doesn’t seem concerned about it. But Arie has made up his mind that he needs to try with Lauren and plans on breaking up with Becca. They meet up in L.A. for a secret getaway but when Arie gets there, he sits her down and says he needs to follow his heart and take a chance with Lauren. As they are talking, Becca is in shock but takes the engagement ring off. She wants to know what she did wrong and says he shouldn’t have proposed if he was so conflicted. “I hope you find what you want”, It’s clearly not me” she says, then gets up and says she’s done. She goes to start packing, he follows her and tries to hug her but she’s like I’m not gonna hug you. Arie feels like there is so much more to be said but she said it won’t change anything and just wants him to go. He goes outside and she finally breaks down in the bathroom. He comes back in and she’s like just leave. He tried to rub the back of her neck and she’s like don’t touch me. I’m not the one for you. Becca is a class act cause she continues to say I just want you to be happy, I love you and it just sucks that it’s not with her. She says she feels like her future has been ripped away from her. Finally she’s like I can’t even look at you, just leave, which he does.

We see Becca live with Chris Harrison and she said it was brutal to watch back. She feels like she kind of blacked out when it all happened and was in shock. She hasn’t talked to or seen Arie since but they will all meet up tonight in a special After the Rose ceremony! Arie is now the most hated Bachelor ever!!