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Bachelor recap: Arie turns up the awkward as he sends several ladies home

Posted at 11:53 AM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 14:12:58-05

“We’re not there yet”! Ouch! More on that in a bit but first! Let’s go on another group date!


Maquel, Jacqueline, Lauren B, Bibiana, Marikh, Bekah and Krystal are on a group date that involves wrestling! It’s gonna be a SMACKDOWN!! To help them, they bring on 2 women from the 80’s show I’ve never heard of, GLOW, Gorgeous ladies of wrestling? And they start talking smack to the women right away to get them worked out but Bibana and Tia are not finding it funny and get very offended and leave the rink! But they pull it together and get back in and compete. Of course they all have “characters” they portray for this. I don’t know, it was a weird thing to do. At the cocktail party, Krystal grabs Arie right away. OMG, her high pitched little girl voice is already getting annoying! She thinks they have the best relationship in the house and expects to get the rose. And when Bibana has alone time with him, she complains about Krystal. Not smart girl, as Arie says, don’t get caught up in the drama in the house, focus on their relationship.


Meanwhile back at the house, another date card comes and Lauren B gets the only 1 on 1 date!


Back at the cocktail party, Bekah and Arie continue their steamy make out session! At the end of the night, Arie gives the group date rose to Bekah, to Krystal’s dismay who now says she needs to step up her game. Here we thought Chelsea was the villain on the show but nope, Krystal is!


Krystal talks with Marikh about how other women have always be jealous of her. Yeah, if it started way back in 8th grade, you are doing something to make them not trust you!


Lauren S. meets Arie at the airport and they go to Napa to a winery! They spend the day at the winery and talk but I am not seeing much chemistry there. It seems a bit forced. At dinner, she is all over the place with her conversation! You can see Arie is not comfortable and can barely get a word in as she just goes on and one. And she realizes that she’s in her own head and can’t figure out why she can’t be herself around him. Arie tells her he can’t give her the rose and sends her home.


Back at the house, the women are in shock when they take Lauren’s suitcase away! And Krystal takes that time to “lecture” the other women about making the most of the time they have alone with Arie. Caroline just walks away and is done with her!


The next group date is at the park with dogs! The ladies are going to perform with the dogs, trying to get them to do tricks in front of a live audience. It’s Ashley, Becca, Britney, Jenna, Carolyn, Chelsea and Analiese o the date. And Analiese is freaking out already because she had a number of traumatic incidents with dogs when she was a child. Remember, this is the woman who also had a bumper car trauma when she was a kid too. The flashback scenes that the Bachelor made up was quite funny!


Speaking of funny, they brought in Fred Willard to help host the competition since he was in the awesome movie, Best In Show! I loved when he said he was a fan of the show and thinks it’s great that Arie is courting all these women, doggie style. HA!! The dogs don’t really play nice with the ladies but the ladies are all good sports about it and seem to have fun.


At the cocktail party, Arie asks to speak to Chelsea first. Arie seems to like her more and more. Then, Annaliese and Arie sit down and she’s hoping for a kiss but she seems super nervous in front of him and doesn’t know what to talk about and laughs a lot. Before she can try and get a kiss though, another person interrupts them. Chelsea again, who does get more kisses from Arie. And once again, when Arie and Becca are together, I can see the whole package with the 2 of them. They laugh, have some deep talk and the sexual chemistry is there too. I like her a lot! But he gives Chelsea the group date rose.


At the rose ceremony cocktail party, Bibiana creates this romantic set up to spend time with Arie alone. But before they can use it, Arie walks out with Lauren B and he’s like oh wow, did you set this up, to which she says no but then he keeps bringing other women out there! Bibana even interrupts him with Lauren and he asks for 5 more minutes! OUCH!!


Since Annaliese has heard that Arie has kissed pretty much everyone else, she wants a kiss. So she takes him up to the balcony and basically tells him she would like him to kiss her. BUT Arie says awkwardly, “We’re just not there yet”!!! OUCH! Talk about crushes a girl’s heart and making her feel embarrassed! I felt bad for her. But a few of the other girls encourage her to ask Arie where they stand and try for a kiss one more time. So she does and puts him on the spot and wants to know if he sees a future with her. I admire that she had the balls to ask him then. Arie says, he doesn’t see a future with them and is sorry and walks her out! OUCH!!


At the rose ceremony, because Annaliese has already left, there will only be one woman sent home. Again, OUCH! It ends up being Bibiana. It is pretty obvious what women Arie has chemistry with and who he doesn’t. And it was pretty clear with Bibiana. As she says, she’s broken!