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Macy’s Is Selling A Wine Advent Calendar Packed With 24 Quarter Bottles

Macy’s Is Selling A Wine Advent Calendar Packed With 24 Quarter Bottles
Posted at 8:10 AM, Nov 01, 2019

‘Tis the season! Well, for those with this particular Advent calendar, ’tis the season for some more wine. If opening up 24 little doors that each have a quarter-bottle behind them sounds like your idea of holiday cheer, we’ve found the Advent calendar for you.

Macy’s 2019 wine Advent calendar costs $139 and includes “fine Prosecco, top-estate Argentine Malbec, glorious Bordeaux 2016, crisp Italian Pinot Grigio and pure-fruited Chardonnay,” according to the retailer.

You’ll get 23 bottles of wine plus a bottle of something identified by Macy’s “very special red.”

“We don’t want to spoil the fun, but we can tell you this: it’s a hugely popular Italian gem with seriously rich flavor and a 90+ point score,” reads the description.

And if there are some varieties in the box that you aren’t feeling, that sounds like a perfect excuse to invite some friends over for an evening of merriment. Maybe you can even skip ahead in the calendar a few days for the occasion. Santa probably won’t mind.


For those who are excited by the thought of an alcoholic Advent calendar to celebrate the season, but aren’t into wine, there are plenty of other boozy ones on the market this season.

For lovers of clear liquor, Drinks by the Dram makes one where behind each of the 24 doors is a different 30ml dram of vodka, forming a seasonal journey through different flavors of the beloved spirit. This calendar is quite attractive on its own and the drams are cool looking, too.

The Whisky Shop has the calendar on sale for about $130 right now.

The Whisky Shop

For craft beer lovers, a company called Craft Advent Box makes some really nice looking Advent calendar boxes that you can fill with your own choice of ales and give as a gift. We recommend the Santa’s Evening Advent Calendar, which packs “24 Days of Cheer” and shows the man himself enjoying a beer by the fireplace.

It’s $29.99 from Craft Advent Box.

Craft Advent Box

You can pretty much find an Advent calendar to suit whatever you’re into, as we found when we rounded up the best ones on the market this Christmas.

With these grown-up calendars, your holiday season is sure to be spirited!

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