New dining guide and map for downtown restaurants

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The City of Tucson, well known around the country and the world for it's growing, diverse food scene. It's a scene that Kathleen Ericksen, CEO of the Downtown Tucson Partnership, believes is driving the rebirth of the downtown Tucson economy.

"There are over 80 restaurants and bars located in the downtown, many have won awards as far as their chefs," Ericksen said. "We have a unique distinction of multicultural cuisine in the downtown."

So, she and the Downtown Tucson Partnership decided to add a some seasoning to the mix: a comprehensive guide and map of all the restaurants downtown.

"It's our charge and our mission to market the downtown businesses," she said. "So we're thrilled to be able to do something that will be effective for their business."

Amonwadee Buizer, the owner of Sunae Thai Bistro on Congress Street, opened up her restaurant about six months ago. She explains business downtown has been pretty solid, but expects it to get even better with this new restaurant guide.

"I'm just so thrilled they are doing it. I think it is very useful to have for visitors," she said. "Especially now with the Gem Show, for visitors to come in, they have one guide in one hand and they can pick and choose to go wherever they like."

Buizer agrees with Ericksen and the Downtown Tucson Partnership that the foodie image is helping the downtown Tucson economy push forward.

"That's why I wanted to be here in downtown, to be a part of the growth," she said. "And there's a lot of growth going on right now."

The new dining guide will be available online, as well as in a pamphlet the Partnership is distributing.

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