Half of Americans haven't taken a week-long vacation in more than a year

Posted: 11:58 AM, Sep 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-28 18:04:34Z

Take a look around your office or any office in America, there's a good chance that half of the people you see are in serious need of some time off.

According to Allianz Global Assistance's 10th annual Vacation Confidence Index , more than half of Americans (51%) haven't taken a week-long vacation in over a year.

Even worse, nearly 4-in-10 say it's been more than two years.

In the study, a vacation is defined as a leisure trip to a destination more than 100 miles from home. And while science says that going on vacation is good for your health, many of the Americans polled say they "aren't confident they'll take a vacation at any point this year." 

According to , failure to step back and make time to relax and appreciate life can contribute to illness, including heart disease, weight gain, and your ability to focus, saying "Vacations are not a luxury; they are a necessity for a well-balanced, healthy life. As important as eating well and getting exercise."