Forty-three percent of workers called in sick with fake excuses in the last 12 months

Posted at 7:39 AM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 09:39:12-05

Just don't feel like going into work today? You're not alone, but be careful what you tell your boss - it could cost you your job.  

According to new CareerBuilder data, 40 percent of workers used a fake excuse to stay home in the last year. Sixty percent said they felt like they had to make something up even if they had personal days.

While they may not necessarily be sick, 30 percent of workers who have called in sick cite having a doctor’s appointment as the top reason to take a sick day, followed by: just didn’t feel like going to work (23 percent), needing to relax (20 percent), and needing to catch up on sleep (15 percent). Running errands (14 percent), catching up on housework (8 percent), and plans with family and friends (8 percent) also appeared on the list.

So what does your boss think? Almost half (43%) say they've caught a worker lying about being sick by looking at their social media pages. Some say they've also driven to the employee's house (22%) or had another employee call the allegedly sick one. (25%)

Remember this before your next sick call: 26 percent of bosses say they've fired employees who used a fake excuse.

 When asked the most unusual excuses workers gave for missing work, hiring managers quoted the following examples:

  • A bear was in employee's yard and they were afraid to come out.
  • Employee's phone exploded and it hurt their hand.
  • Employee called in "fat" because uniform didn't fit.
  • Dog swallowed employee's car keys so she was waiting until it came out.