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GMT crew makes their way through the "Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food"

Posted: 12:12 PM, Jul 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-06 14:14:43Z

I love all types of food, so going on an adventure like this allowed me to taste all kinds of dishes I've heard about but never tried. 

Our first stop on the "Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food" was a place known for its Sonoran hot dogs: El Guero Canelo on 12th and Irvington. Take a frankfurter, wrap it in bacon, grill it up and top it with beans, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, and jalapeno salsa. What more could you want?!

Next, it was time for something sweet, so we traveled to La Estrella Bakery at 12th and Nebraska. From empanadas, to conchas, to orejas, we had it all. YUM! 

Just down the street from La Estrella is another great place to eat. It's called El Merendaro on 12th Avenue, south of Irvington. On our tasting menu: Shrimp wrapped in bacon, deep fried and served with soy sauce. We also had shrimp chicharrones. Don't know what that is? Imagine something like a Mexican seafood meatball. Sounds odd, but trust me, it was a winner! 

As we wrapped things up on our tour of the "Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food", we made a stop at a raspado stand. They're common features in Tucson, southern Arizona and Mexico - and rightfully so! Combine ice, milk, ice cream and fresh fruit. How do you beat that?! If you're looking for something cool on a hot day, make the trip to Oasis Raspados. Your taste buds will thank you. 

So to recap, we had four courses: Some savory, some sweet. If you haven't checked this adventure off your Tucson bucket list, I'd suggest moving the "Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food" right to the top. I give it a 23/23! 

We still have two more stops to make! Cast your vote and let us know where you would like us to take Mark next!