GAP Ministries

GAP Ministries
Posted at 12:55 PM, Mar 02, 2018

GAP Ministries is zeroing in on a tremendous need we’ve observed after years of watching the foster children we love and care for become young adults and “age out” of the system. Too many of them become a statistic: 1 out of every 2 young men becoming incarcerated....homelessness, addiction, becoming a burden rather than a productive member of society, or worse, having children of their own who then enter the foster care system and repeat the cycle.

Your Foster Care Tax Credit of $500 for individuals or $1000 for couples helps GAP Ministries fund two important programs;

  • The GAP Kitchen Culinary Training Program began in 2017 and is offered to the young adults at GAP preparing to age out of the foster care system. This intense 10-week 40-hour per week culinary certification class includes life skills and financial training. The school is also open to adults coming out of incarceration, or those in addiction recovery or simply poverty. 19 students graduated last year; 100% of graduates who sought employment are working at several highly-rated local restaurants such as Wildflower, Charro Steak, GRINGO grill+cantina, Senai Thai, and Sir Veza's.
  • The GAP Garage Auto Tech Training Program opened in 2018 and will provide another avenue for young adults and others who desperately need to learn a viable trade. The program is 400 hours of rigorous training including everything from entry-level fundamentals to advanced diagnostics. Working alongside GAP's mechanics, these students have a career waiting for them with a major employer once they successfully complete the course. They, too, will participate in the life skills and financial training classes, along with one-on-one mentoring.

Will you partner with GAP to help more children, heal more families and bring hope to our community? Go to to find out more.