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5 easy tricks to keep summer clothes fresh for next year

Posted at 8:11 AM, Sep 14, 2016

As the summer heat rides off into the sunset, it’s time to say goodbye to the tank tops, shorts, bathing suits and flowy sundresses.

Don’t sacrifice seasonal wardrobe favorites by simply stuffing them into a drawer or the back of a closet. Proper clothing storage saves money and time in the long run: fewer replacements need to be purchased and the items are ready to go when the temperature inevitably spikes again in the early spring.

These simple tricks that prove with only a few supplies and a little time, summer can be neatly tucked away for its annual vacation and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Sort through current summer clothes. First, go through the family’s clothes. Is there really time to stitch those rips or hem that dress? Toss the items beyond repair and put unwanted garments into a giveaway box. These can either be donated to a charity or consider passing down an older sibling’s clothes to a younger brother or sister (if they want it). By sorting through the clothes before storing them, it will be easier to find a space to keep them through the cold months.

If the kids have grown out of most of their clothes, take advantage of end of season sales on shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. Buy the next size or two up to account for growth spurts. 

Choose and prepare a storage area. Clothes should never be stored in sunlight, as it fades color and causes mold to grow, according to Ideal locations for clothes storage include closets or dry basements (damp basements breed bacteria and mold.). 

Another important preparation step is putting natural scents in with the clothes such as cedar and lavender. Both of these smell wonderful to us, but offend the senses of moths and other pests.

Clean the clothes before storage. It sounds like common sense, but carefully check those clothes for dirt or other stains. Long-term storage can make take a temporary flaw into a permanent mess for the next summer season.

Also, when laundering shirts, recommends leaving out the starch; it attracts insects. No one wants that surprise when getting out summer clothes.

Make sure the clothes are fully dry, because if they are damp when going into storage, mold and mildew can grow, which ruins the clothes.

Hang it or fold it? These clothes will be in storage for at least seven to eight months, so think carefully on which way to store them.

Clothes that crease when folded for long periods of time should be hung up. If the clothes can be hung up, make sure to have a separate closet area for them or, as Reader’s Digest suggests, pick up a specially designed hanger box.

Always use plastic or padded hangers; they provide proper support and help avoid misshapen clothes over time.

If the clothes will be folded, make sure not to pack them too tightly to prevent creases.

Use the proper storage for folded clothes. Everyone has their own system. Some people love pretty looking fabric bins to store summer clothes. 

Others may want clear plastic bins or bags to make it easy to identify what’s inside. They slide easily under a bed as an ideal space-saving storage option. 

For those who don’t want to go out and buy new containers, suitcases can make free, convenient storage containers.

If the containers aren’t new, make sure they are cleaned of all dust, dirt and possible insects.

Always remember to label what’s inside the bins, that way it’s easy to figure out which bag belongs to each family member. If the containers have lids, secure them tightly to prevent damage.

With a summer clothes storage plan ready to go, now it’s time to pull out those cozy sweaters and enjoy the cool, crisp days to come.

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