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Hurricane Idalia slams Florida, pushes north. Here's how you can help

There are multiple organizations pitching in to help residents affected by Idalia. Here is how you can donate to help support.
Hurricane Idalia slams Florida, pushes north. Here's how you can help
Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 30, 2023

Hurricane Idalia weakened into a tropical storm after making landfall on Florida's Gulf Coast early Wednesday, and then headed over land into Georgia to the southeast. 

As residents and businesses immediately start the recovery process after catastrophic winds, storm surge and inland flooding caused life-threatening situations along Idalia's path, organizations that deal with the aftermath of natural disasters all year have sprung into action. 

Aid groups like World Central KitchenConvoy of HopeThe American Red Cross, and The Florida Humane Society are all taking donations from the public to help their efforts. Anyone can donate online. 

Kevin Peters, the emergency management director for Leon County in Florida said emergency workers in the area are pre-staged in order to get restoration and recovery together "as quick as possible."

Peters said in Tallahassee, there hadn't been enough flooding to need water rescues to take place, thankfully. Emergency crews immediately got out to check neighboring areas for residents and animals who needed help. He said, nationwide, disasters can happen any time of year, so people should have disaster supply kits and learn how to stay informed in the event of a natural disaster. 

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Major Jason Smith of the Salvation Army told Scripps News on Wednesday that those who want to help his organization can go to their website to donate. 

Smith says 100% of the money donated goes to helping the causes they're serving, including storm recovery efforts. 

Smith said their team will be out in Valdosta, in southern Georgia, where they expected a huge impact from Idalia as it crossed into that state and over the coastal town of Savannah, then into the Atlantic. 

The Salvation Army said the organization would be out in those areas serving hot and cold food and beverages, and working to help residents who are experiencing homelessness, along with others. 

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