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Jonathan Rothschild reflects on tenure as Mayor, shares his hopes for Tucson

Rothschild served two terms as Mayor
Rothschild retrospective
Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 22, 2019

TUCSON, Ariz. — The hand over of the Tucson Mayor's office took place earlier this month.

Jonathan Rothschild served in that office since 2011.

Former mayor, now private citizen, Jonathan Rothschild will tell you: it wasn't easy actually leaving the mayor's office.

"But I did make that decision and I have no regrets about making that decision," Rothschild said with a grin.

He said the position of mayor does have an unforgettable allure.

"When you're mayor in the middle of a lot of action and we'll see how my withdrawals are from that."

His next venture, he said, will be in what's becoming a family affair.

"I will walk over to my law office and I will return to the practice of law and I'm looking forward to that."

"I'm particularly looking forward to it because I have two sons who are now practicing law there and I'd like to do that with them," Rothschild said.

No stranger to education, he served as an adjunct law professor before running for Mayor, Rothschild says he'll return to academia at the University of Arizona.

"I'm going to teach at the law school which is exciting to me."

"The law school has asked me to try to put together an interdisciplinary program around civic engagement and civic participation."

Among his successes Rothschild counts propositions that boosted funds for police and fire equipment -- and improvements to Tucson's parks and streets.

"Here's an opportunity, $100 million dollars for a 5-year temporary tax to fix some roads. 'Ah! City can't do that!' And I'd be like em' well then, you know, I'm OK with the roads I just understand people are upset.'"

Despite having nine figures for improvement projects around Tucson, Rothschild says he does have one regret.

"I would've loved to have had a little more money to do other things that we'd all like to do, whatever that might be."

"I'm sure there's going to be a certain personal sadness from walking away from City Hall but there's still a lot of personal hope."

Rothschild says he's hopeful with the city as he's left it and optimistic about the future of Tucson.

"The city is on, I think, is on the edge of really being able to do great things."

To the people he served as mayor, Rothschild offers a petition.

"I guess the first thing I would say is I would thank the people of Tucson for giving me this opportunity to be Mayor."

"I would ask the people of Tucson to be supportive of their city," he added.

"I would ask the the citizens of Tucson just to get knowledgeable about what ever issues are in front of them and be involved because that's what makes a community strong."