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Pre-Lit Holiday Lawn Inflatables Are Already Available At Home Depot

Pre-Lit Holiday Lawn Inflatables Are Already Available At Home Depot
Posted at 6:15 AM, Aug 25, 2021

It’s not even Halloween yet and although the pumpkin spice latte has already returned to Starbucks, it’s not even close to actually being fall. Somehow, that’s not stopping Home Depot from already offering pre-lit holiday inflatables. Yes, holiday, as in Christmas.

This year, you’ll find holiday inflatables ranging from classics like a giant gingerbread house and 9-foot tall Santa to fun characters like The Grinch and Ralphie from a Christmas Story.

Take a look at just some of the dozens of inflatables Home Depot is (already!) selling for this holiday season.

12-foot Pre-Lit Air-blown Nutcracker

This giant nutcracker inflatable is 12 feet tall, so it will tower over any other Christmas decorations you have outside. At $169, the nutcracker self-inflates and comes with stakes and tethers, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing away in a winter storm.

Home Depot

8-foot Pre-Lit ‘Christmas Vacation’ Station Wagon

This $129 station wagon inflatable is a must for fans of the classic comedic holiday movie, “Christmas Vacation.” Making a return to stores this year, the 8-foot pre-lit inflatable features the Griswold family’s station wagon, complete with the giant Christmas tree that doesn’t quite fit in their house. Or if Cousin Eddie’s RV is more your style, you can get a 4-foot inflatable of that vehicle with string lights for $179.

Home Depot

9-foot Pre-Lit Christmas Dragon With Kaleidoscope Light

Priced at $179, this 9-foot pre-lit animated Christmas dragon comes with a candy cane in its mouth and a Santa hat on its head. It also projects kaleidoscope lights from its belly and its wings move up and down.

Home Depot

10-foot Pre-Lit Air-blown Jack Skellington On Train

This 10-foot pre-lit inflatable features Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” dressed as Santa. He is riding a train with a tree, gifts and Zero the dog dressed as Rudolph for even more festive flare. For $179, the train, both characters, the tree and presents will all inflate and light up on your lawn.

Home Depot

3.5-foot Pre-Lit LED Air-blown ‘The Child’

This 3.5-foot pre-lit LED inflatable of The Child from “The Mandalorian” comes complete with a festive candy cane. For indoor or outdoor use, it is one of many Star Wars-themed holiday inflatables to come out in recent years. This inflatable is priced at $29.98.

Home Depot

Lowe’s has their Christmas inflatables already online as well, including a 7-foot nutcracker mouse, an 8-foot tall gingerbread man and a 5-foot tall T-Rex in a Santa hat.

If it is simply too soon for you to start thinking about the holidays, though, Home Depot’s Halloween decor is also online and in stores. The retailer’s Halloween inflatables include an 11.5-foot Jack Skellington archway, a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and an adorable candy corn duo for just $40.

You’ll also find Halloween inflatables at Target and Lowe’s, which has an adorable 4-foot lighted ghost, a shark in a witch’s hat and perhaps the most interesting inflatable you’ll see this year, the Grim Reaper riding a unicorn.


Are you excited to start planning your holiday decorations?

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