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The Bachelor Recap Week 3 Tears and Hot tubs!

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 07:20:41-05

It was quite an emotionally charged episode this week!  Lots of tears and DRAMA!

Ben had 2 one on one dates and a group date and first up was a one on one date and Lauren B was the lucky girl. I love watching them together, probably because Lauren B is my pick to win it all in our “office pool! You can see the connection with them and she’s so sweet.  Once again though, a hot tub was part of the date. You’ll notice a theme with that…

Was so happy and not surprised that Ben gave her a rose.

The girls on the group date got to play soccer with help from Alice Morgan and Kelly O’Hare from the Women’s U.S. Soccer team! The winning team got to attend the cocktail party later with Ben and the losers got to walk with them heads hung low back to the house.

Olivia, (the big mouth girl), was on the winning team and grabbed Ben right away to get some alone time. And flaunts it off to the other women from the patio above! CLASSY! Not shocking, the other women weren’t happy and started to pick apart her appearance, including her bad toes and bad breath! MEOW!

Then we really only got to see interaction with Ben and Amber alone, which went well and she finally got a kiss and eventually the group date rose.

The other one on one date went to Jubilee. When she found out that they were going on a helicopter, she “jokingly asked if any of the other women wanted to go on the date instead.  That didn’t go over well with the other women! And once again, on his solo date, a hot tub was involved. Yep….again. If you’re keeping score, that is 3 solo dates with a hot tub.We also got to find out some really bad things that happened to her in her past, including her whole family being killed in Hatti! Yes, Ben gave her a rose.

Onto cocktail party/rose ceremony where Ben comes in and announces he found out that 2 friends of his family were killed so that put the evening in a somber mood. But instead of making sure he’s ok, Olivia once again grabs him right away and starts to talk about how she isn’t happy with her legs, toes or her “kankles” as people have said she has…..totally oblivious that Ben is hurting. But it’s all about Olivia!

Jubilee wants to make Ben feel better so she gives him a massage and the women are pissed that someone who already has a rose would take time away the other women to “GASP” try and make Ben feel better! DRAMA!

The most shocking part of the show was that “50 shades of crazy” Lace was quite but very emotional and needs to talk to Ben. After all the drama with the other women and Jubilee, she grabs a deflated Ben right away, nice timing.  And I thought oh boy, here it comes.  But she surprised me by saying that she’s been acting crazy and thinks its best she leaves and works on herself! I respect that.  So Ben only has to say goodbye to 2 other women and it was Shushana and Jami, Jami was a bit bitter about it too.

Looks like next week the drama gets kicked up a notch with who else involved?? Olivia of course!  Will that be the episode where someone gets a black eye? We’ll see!

VIDEO: Olivia Cries about Her...Cankles
After Ben reveals to the bachelorettes a tragic loss in his family, Olivia pulls him away from the group. Their conversation takes a strange turn when she tells him about her body issues and cries about her cankles. Watch this scene from Week Three and catch new episodes of The Bachelor MONDAYS at 7:00 on KGUN 9.