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3 Airport Travel Tips Only Travel Pros Know

Posted at 4:03 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2018-01-02 12:51:19-05

Even though we all learned the Golden Rule as kids, common courtesy can go right out the window when it comes to traveling during the holidays. But, etiquette expert Miss Lora says that doesn't have to be the norm! She and Lindsey Granger are showing you 3 ways you can be a model plane passenger - without having to sacrifice your spot in line. Hey, it might even get you some extra travel perks down the road.

1. Be Prepared Before You Get to Security

A lot of people think the best time to get your boarding pass and ID ready is when you're on the line for security. But fumbling with your papers is a great way to get people in line behind you pretty annoyed. So, before you step into the security line, have your documents tucked into a special spot on your person, or, in a luggage pocket, that you know you can easily get to. Losing a boarding pass has been enough of a problem, that some companies even make special articles of clothing that have slots for all your travel papers!

Using a mobile boarding pass? Don't hold up the line by having to scan your pass more than once. While you're waiting for your turn with a TSA agent, make sure your phone's brightness is turned all the way up, and that your auto screen rotation is turned off. And once it's time to grab a bin for the x-ray, remember, the only thing that needs its own bin is your laptop. Everything else can be compacted together. If you need more than two bins, you might be separating too much of your stuff.

2. Make Your Order a Short, Not a Tall

When it comes to airport treats, we all like to spoil ourselves, but the longer your order, the longer the line that forms behind you. This is especially true at airport coffee shops, where the main priority is getting passengers serviced with quality, but quickly. So, don't hold up the line at an airport kiosk with extra frothing and toppings. Order something simple that you know you'll like but will also keep you (and other customers) from waiting for a special drink.

Save your custom order for when you get to your destination and your server has more time and patience to get you what you'd like. It can be like the whipped cream on top of the treat that is finally being done traveling for the day.

3. Don't Be a Gate Hog

Here's where a lot of the common courtesy sense comes in when it comes to travel. Just because your gate looks a little empty, doesn't mean you're entitled to all the space you can take up. Stow away luggage that can fit under your gate seat underneath you to leave more space for people trying to walk around you.

And when it comes to the charging stations, you know you're not the only person who's trying to make a last minute phone call on 10% battery. So, don't stay at the charging station for too long. Charge your phone enough for your trip so you can give someone else at your gate a chance to juice up their electronics. You'll be home before you know it and can get charged all the way when you get there.

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