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Bachelor Recap - Week 2, the claws are coming out!

Posted at 1:37 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 16:51:04-05

This was the first week for a one on one date and group dates, which always brings the claws out - and they didn’t disappoint! 

First up, a group date to “Bachelor High” to compete in a couple of “classes” including one to see which team could make “Ben’s volcano explode first! 

It was a science project ... get your minds out of the gutter! HA! 

All but one team could make that happen BUT pretty much none of them could show where the state of Indiana (Ben’s home state) was on the U.S. map! (Not sure I’d get it right either, but I digress!)

One of the best quotes from that group date was “Jackie is NOT great with her mouth unfortunately” Lauren, talking about Jackie not being able to bob for apples! NICE.

But let’s talk about the real drama!  50 Shades of gray crazy woman, Lace! Lace started off the group date by telling the cameras that “If I can make out with Ben on this date that would be awesome!” And, when they had their one on one time, they were staring at each other so much that they were practically getting it on with their eyes - though she used different words! ? 

Oh but she’s not “a crazy lady at all”!  I wanna start a drinking game for every time Lace says she’s not crazy! (only if you’re over 21 of course).  I counted at least 4 times that Lace said she wanted to make sure Ben knows she’s not crazy, including telling Ben, “I know I’m coming off a little crazy right now”! And yep, she got a rose!  (Producers LOVE her and need to keep her on!) 

Ben had a great solo date with Caila, who I think is adorable!  They were joined on their one on one date with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, who are of course promoting their new movie.  It was quite amusing but Ben and Caila got some alone time and sparks flew!  I have her in the top 2 of our Bachelor draft here at work! ?

The 2nd group date was all about the science of love! It included having the women work up a bit of a sweat then have Ben “smell” them blindfolded!  Sounds like fun… Especially when he said that “Sam” smelled kind of sour!  OUCH! And in the end, Sam didn’t get a rose. Guess things went “sour” with them. HAHAHAHA! ? 

The rose ceremony was a typical one!  Everyone trying to vie for Ben’s attention and talking behind each other’s back. And in the end, he didn’t ask Jackie, Sam, or Mandi if they would accept a rose! Next week’s episode the claws really come out, especially with Olivia and the other women. Olivia seems to think she’s got Ben all wrapped up and starts to flaunt it in the other women’s faces, which doesn’t go over well! DRAMA!

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