School educating students for Jobs in 2024

Dove Mountain CSTEM in Marana
Posted at 9:54 AM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-14 19:24:39-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — TUCSON, Ariz - A first-of-its-kind CSTEM School right here in Southern Arizona. The Marana School District is taking an immersive approach to not only STEM, science, also technology, engineering and math, but also Computer Science.

KGUN 9 went inside the construction zone and the rising of Dove Mountain. 2014 bonds paved the way for the future Dove Mountain C-STEM School in Marana.

District Superintendent Douglas Wilson explains how they are teaming up with Code to the Future to teach students code, "Parents want choices and we are providing them a choice for their students to attend a school that is really driven by technology and is really driven by technology.

For them to experiment and learn what excited them and what passions they have about jobs in the future." The Superintendent goes to explain how this school is preparing the workforce of the future, "By 2024 it's projected there's going to be 75 million jobs that will be replaced by robots and 135 million new jobs will be created to take care of those robots. What we are doing is providing kids an opportunity to find passion and be prepared for an unknown future."

Principal Adrea Divijak of the new Dove Mountain school says a highlight of the school is the Maker Space. That's a place where students design and invent. "We are looking for different ways to bring the maker space to curricular areas as well as project based learning. We'll tie everything together in content areas as well as our Z-Space virtual reality lab."

Marana's other schools already use Maker Space. Architect Bob Erickson describes how the design is meant to inspire the next generation, "We have the building on display. We have areas where you can see how the building functions. We have structures painted green and mechanical painted orange and some other features."

The general contractor Bob Harrison says this was a passion project for everyone to enjoy, "Outside Maker Space on the B Level 2, up there it's a million dollar view of the community. It's a cool place up there." The community is invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony on July 23rd.