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Did you know you can rent a llama to be in your wedding?

Want to make your event truly memorable? You can rent a llama or alpaca for birthdays, weddings, you name it.
Did you know you can rent a llama to be in your wedding?
Posted at 11:58 AM, Jul 06, 2023

Meet J the llama. He’s no ordinary farm animal – in fact he fills a number of roles from hiking partner to wedding attendee.

He was recently hired as a wedding day surprise for a bride who hopes to have a llama farm of her own one day, according to Scott Dyke with Llama Adventures in New York.

“Needless to say, J was a huge hit with lines of guests waiting to get a photo with him. It was the bride’s request that J be a groomsman so when it was time for the ceremony, J stood in as a groomsman,” Dyke wrote to Scripps News in an e-mail.

He even arrived in his own fancy suit.

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J, whose full name is BC JJ’s Hallelujah, is a many-time champion and the main event llama, according to Dyke. 

He is 12 years old and was born at Buffalo Creek Llamas.

Buffalo Creek Llamas was established in Arcade, New York, in 1999. The facility has 34 llamas. Llama Adventures was started in 2022 and provides llamas for events like birthdays and parades, llama hikes, farm visits and educational programs.

Renting llamas or alpacas for your wedding is a seemingly growing trend.

A quick Google search will reveal companies that offer llama and alpaca rentals from Ohio to California.

The cost? For most places, rentals seem to run $150 and up. Llama Adventures offers a llama for $150 per hour, with bulk rates available.

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