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Buy Jelly Beans That Taste Like Beer

Posted at 8:00 AM, Dec 18, 2020

Jelly Belly has brewed up jelly beans for beer-lovers. Known for its flavor innovations, the candy company sells a “Draft Beer” flavor that was formulated to taste like a hefeweizen — a nod to the company’s German ancestry.

If you’re gifting the jelly beans to a beer fan, you can get them packaged in a fake beer can or bottle. Six packs of the draft beer jelly beans are available.

Jelly Belly has been creating drink-inspired candies since the 1980s, starting with piña colada and mai tai jelly beans. Beer was always a highly requested flavor, and back in 2014 the company perfected the first-ever beer-flavored jelly bean. Since, the company has been adding creative packaging to the lineup, like the cans and bottles. Of course, you could fill up a pilsner or mug of your own with the jelly beans.

Jelly Belly

With an effervescent and crisp flavor, the golden jelly bean — which, by the way, is non-alcoholic — comes with an iridescent finish that makes it feel celebratory.

If you love beer-inspired desserts, you can also check out Frozen Pints, which makes craft-beer ice cream flavors like Malted Milk Chocolate Stout and Vanilla Bock. Or, you can find beer-inspired hard candy. The mixed Brew Candy bag includes three flavors: Honey Ale, Hoppy IPA and Roasty Stout.

In addition to the beer jelly beans, Jelly Belly also has champagne jelly beans that are packaged in a mini plastic champagne bottle for a festive and celebratory touch. They also have an iridescent finish.

You can also find rosé jelly beans that are dry yet sweet and that come in mini bottles. Jelly Belly’s mixologists have also come up with a cocktail classics box that includes five flavors: mojito, peach bellini, piña colada, pomegranate cosmo and strawberry daiquiri.

Jelly Belly

Other recent Jelly Belly innovations include spicy jelly beans and and flavored sparkling water that tastes like jelly beans.

So, the only question we have: How do you do a cheers with jelly beans?

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