Breast Cancer Awareness


Wife's cancer diagnosis inspires cyclists' sixth "El Tour de Tucson"

Michael Balazs is on the Tucson Riders 4 the Cure
Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-25 01:44:17-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Michael Balazs is on the Tucson Riders 4 the Cure, and he rides a lot.

"As often as I can, but not enough," Balazs has been riding a road bike for about eight years.

"Just trying to stay healthy, Arizona is a great place to do it, Tucson's got perfect weather for it."

This year he'll ride in his sixth "El Tour de Tucson."

"This one coming up is going to be a big deal."

It's a big deal because he's riding with a purpose.

"My wife being diagnosed with breast cancer in early January of this year."

Melissa Balazs started treatment for breast cancer in March, a seasoned cyclist, Michael put away his bike and stayed by her side.

"In fact i just quit riding for about four and a half months."

Melissa took to treatment well, the pair are glad to say she's in remission.

"Things are going to be ok," Michael said.

The experience encouraged him to get back on his bike and join his teammates, The Tucson Riders.

They raise money for St. Elizabeth's Health Center.

"The biggest goal is to help those who cannot afford the treatments or those who are uninsured."

For Michael and Melissa, he says they're looking ahead to pleasant ride together.

"I'll tell you what, I think we fell in love with each other again," Michael said.

"I'm appreciating things in life more than I every have, not just my wife and my family but the job I have, the people I know, just life in general."

Click here to donate to Michael's fundraiser.

Click here to donate to St. Elizabeth's Health Center.