Back The Blue in support of local law enforcement

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KGUN 9 and our local business partners encourage you to 'Back the Blue' in support of local law enforcement in Tucson.  

Every day, police men and women wear their badges and risk their lives to protect and preserve our community. This dedication takes a toll on them, as well as their families.  We ask you to join us in showing our appreciation for their commitment and thankless work by helping to raise funds to provide critical lifesaving equipment such as bullet proof vests and new technology and training.

Help protect those that protect our community.

Support our Tucson area law enforcement agencies by donating to the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation. Law enforcement officers protect us all day, every day. Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation raises money for equipment, technology and training that helps to Protect Our Protectors. Cash donations are 100% tax deductible. TIN 20-0559408.

Without Blue, published on September 2, 2015
Without Blue, is an original song by Terry Sweet. The song was published in the midst of the violence against law enforcement back in 2015. Terry Sweet encouraged everyone to consider the question, "What would life in our communities be like without our officers in blue?"

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