A Moose Photobombed A Snowy Wedding In Colorado And The Photos Are Incredible

Posted at 1:58 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 16:58:35-04

Weddings are known to get wild, but this one was wilder than most. A huge moose wandered into the middle of a recent wedding photo shoot in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Instead of pressing pause, the photographer just kept snapping, and she snagged some sweet pics!

After their ceremony on Monday, the Illinois couple noticed a female moose behind them, wading in Sprague Lake. Photographer Sarah Goff captured a few shots of the majestic beast. Because the couple had eloped, Ms. Moose was the only guest in attendance.

The wedding crew headed back up to the parking lot but soon saw the moose was following along. Goff had the couple pose together just as the moose passed mere yards behind them.

“I told them to look at each other, but they were so terrified they kept looking at the moose and that’s the shot I got,” Goff told the Boulder Daily Camera.

“She seemed nonplussed about the whole thing,” said Goff.

The couple was probably right to be a bit spooked — female moose, called cows, can be dangerous, especially if a calf is present. They’re very protective mothers and can fight off a grizzly if they must.

Fortunately, it looks like this curious cow was just passing through.

Moose are becoming a common sight in Colorado’s high country as their population increases. The state’s human population is rising, too, which makes encounters between the two species more frequent.

Normally quite shy, a few Colorado moose have made the papers for their antics. In March, a moose decided to snooze in front of a library in Silverthorne, blocking the door for hours while folks waited for him to move along.

📸= Silverthorne PD

— Matt Kroschel (@Matt_Kroschel) March 13, 2019

A few days later, he stopped by the library again — not to return a book, but to show off his family!

Another moose mishap occurred this spring when a cow moose accidentally fell down a window well in Breckenridge. She smashed into a basement bedroom where two people were sleeping, then made herself comfortable until the authorities arrived. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, and she was safely relocated to a more moose-friendly neighborhood.

Moose mischief: It’s just a part of life in the Rockies.

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