PD: Phoenix boy has broken bones, hair pulled out by the roots

PHOENIX - A Phoenix boy is in the hospital after his mother's boyfriend allegedly broke his bones and pulled out his hair. 

Phoenix police report that on March 21, they arrested 25-year-old Steven Darrell Nelson, at his home near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive. 

Three weeks earlier, a 4-year-old boy who also lives at Nelson's home, was taken to the hospital with multiple life-threatening injuries. 

Pediatricians at Phoenix Children’s Hospital report that the child had a broken arm, broken leg, lacerated liver, bowel perforation, "multiple areas of hair loss from hair being pulled out by the roots," and bruising throughout his body.

The boy has been hospitalized for the past three weeks and allegedly told police, "Steven hurt me." 

Upon his arrest, Nelson reportedly told police that they were playing, when the injuries occurred and "He hoped that one day they could be friends." 

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