Project designed to alleviate flooding at Stone Avenue underpass

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A project is in the works that is designed to alleviate flooding at the Stone Avenue underpass.

Flooding at the underpass is a familiar sight for Tucsonans during monsoon. City leaders say phase three of the Downtown Links project is designed to prevent that flooding. 

"It currently uses a pump system to drain the water out, but when we have those high-intensity storms that pump system gets overwhelmed very quickly," said Sam Credio, a transit administrator with the Tucson Department of Transportation. 

Credio says the city is expected to go out to bid at then end of the summer and construction should begin at the end of the year.

Credio says there will be significant infrastructure installed including storm drain pipes at the underpass.

"We'll trap all that water before it gets to the underpass, it will go out to the arroyo, the water that does fall will drain into pipes into catch basins and out to the culvert," Credio said. 

Phase one of the project was completed in 2012, and the entire project will cost $76 million. Credio says it was largely made possible by funding from the Regional Transportation Authority.



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