Microbursts wrecked havoc during Monsoon 2016

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Microbursts wrecked havoc during last year's monsoon. They destroyed homes and buildings, caused floods, toppled trees, and even blew off roofs.

Charlie Villanueva's home in Nogales was seriously damaged.

"It's kind of scary," Villanueva said.

The destruction left behind  broken glass and plaster on the ground.

"Those thirty seconds I was drenched, and then you see your roof is gone," he added. 

A microburst also caused substantial damage in Midtown.

The roof of the Covenant Generations Church was also torn off. The damage cost several thousands of dollars to be repaired and caused services to be temporarily held in a tent in the parking lot for several weeks.

Last year in July, a microburst pushed rain through the walls at Benson Middle School. It damaged 6 classrooms, almost a wing of the school and 140 students were moved into alternate classrooms, officials said. 

A month later, a similar situation at Immaculate Heart High School in Oro Valley. Tiles hung from the ceiling and the water flooded dozens of classrooms.

"It was really interesting getting that call and text message saying, by the way, your school is collapsing," Immaculate Heart High School senior Amanda Minke said.

The microburst left behind nearly a million dollars in damage. All 75 students were relocated to temporary classrooms at St. Odilia on Magee for the remainder of the year. "When we arrived at the school, there was one, to two inches of water in all three levels on the floor," office manager at Immaculate Heart High School Jim Hackett said. 

A year later, the damages caused by that microburst have already been repaired. The classrooms at Immaculate Heart High School are upgraded. However, school officials are ready preparing for the upcoming monsoon season. They say the only way to prepared is to be ready for the unexpected.



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