Ben's Bellee: Lori Tucker

Meet Lori Tucker this week's Ben's Bellee! Lori was nominated by Elizabeth Stember for her continuous acts of loving service. Lori works tireless to help others and she inspires those around her to serve and display kindness as well. Examples of her kindness are endless! She has moved in, assisted and been an advocate for three families undergoing serious illness. She's organized meal trains for families in need. She’s mentored and supported families experiencing the same unique diagnosis as her son. She has served as the VBS Music Director, Coach, Mentor and church Middle School Leader offering counseling and support to teens struggling with drugs and suicide. She’s even helped raise money for kids going to summer camp and for a widow and her children after the sudden loss of their father. Lori spreads her ray of light in every corner of her world. Her life is an influential demonstration of faith, love, and service—all displayed with beautiful humility.

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