Ben's Bellee: Cody Allen

Meet Cody Allen, this week's Ben's Bellee who was nominated by Sister Barbara Crummitt for his dedicated work with Cody's Friends. In 2010, Cody was inspired to help others and with the support of his parents and older sister, he decided to help children in need of clothing and supplies. He began collecting seasonal clothing, strollers and cribs which he would clean, repair and then pass on to various Tucson children's services. Soon, this grew to a charitable service where he included homeless and abandoned pets. By 2014, his community service was rapidly expanding and an attorney provided services to help Cody become a non-profit charitable organization, Cody's Friends Charity. In 2017, at only 16 years old, his organization became accepted as a distribution center for the Rescue Bank. Through this newest step, he is a part of greater good, a network of charities serving around the world.

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