Another incredible year for Tucson Comic-Con

How big will it grow? The sky's the limit.

From the costumes to the celebrities, the 10th annual Tucson Comic-Con is a mecca for all things pop culture in Southern Arizona.

Fans began lining up early to get in and experience a plethora of activities, which included games, costume contests, and workshops. This three-day event started off with just 500 people in attendance, but has since grown to over 10,000 people!

From a Comic-Con Veteran to a first-time newbie, there is something for all fans to enjoy. Even kids can get in on the action with the event's Kids and Family Zone, which features hands-on activities and a youth costume contest

The original cast members of the Power Rangers, Karan Ashley and Walter E. Jones also find events like this very rewarding. Ashley says, "As an actor you always hope to do something that will last. People come up. They're dressed like us. They love the show. They can quote lines."

Co-owner of Tucson Comic-Con, Teresita Oliveras believes it's important to have Comic-Con as part of the community. "Tucson is still considered to some people, a small town. And, we want to bring big things to Tucson, because we're not so small. I think we're pretty special, so we wanted to bring a special event here."

More information about Tucson Comic-Con can be found here

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