Americans should get paid more, and Raise Week is here to help

Define your value and get paid what you're worth

Economic data and survey analysis of Americans paint a large ¬≠scale problem in compensation: U.S. companies are planning to boost pay in 2017 by around 3% on average (the same as in 2015 and 2016), but economists expect inflation of 2.5%, reflecting a downward trend in real wages; According to a recent SoFi survey, 50% of young, college¬≠ educated professionals did not negotiate salary for their current or new jobs; and, 54% of that same survey group said they don’t know their market value.

Mark Gasche, a trained career coach and VP of Career Strategy at online personal finance company, SoFi, sees first-hand that people are not earning what they are worth and during this tour will educate us on how to properly navigate compensation and provide coaching on how to ask for a raise as well as how to ask for non-monetary benefits and when it is could be time to change jobs/industries to earn what you are worth.

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