100+ Women Who Care Tucson

100+ Women Who Care Tucson meets quarterly for 1 hour. As a member you can nominate a local 501(c)3 charity that you feel is deserving of the donation. Then there is a drawing at the BIG GIVE randomly from a “hat” and each charity that is selected has 5 minutes to speak from their heart about the charity. Then the members can ask questions and/or add their input about the charity. Once all 3 charities have presented the members vote who should receive our donation that evening. The votes are tallied and the charity with the most votes is awarded the donation! Each member makes a donation of $100. So in one hour they are able to raise between $15,300 and the highest was $21,000. The goal is to average 250 active membership so they can give $25,000 quarterly or $100,000 annually! To do this they need to let people know who they are and what they are doing in Tucson, so far the organization has grown through Facebook and word of mouth. The next BIG GIVE July 13th.

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