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How do you pronounce certain city, street names in Arizona?

Posted: 10:35 PM, Jul 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-07-27 01:30:24Z

Here, in Tucson and in Arizona, we have many street and city names with different pronunciations. While some of these names are up to our interpretation, many are not. This is due to regionalization, when a name is mispronounced so often that it is now considered the real name. 

Houghton Road was named after the Houghton family, and some of the family members still live in Tucson. This street name is pronounced "How-tin", even though the family's name is pronounced "Ho-tin." This is one example of regionalization. 

Tanque Verde Road is a street name that is up to our interpretation. However, the most popular use of the name is "Tank-a Verdee." 

Ina Road is named after Ina Gittings, the first physical education director for women at the University of Arizona. While her name is pronounced "Ean-a", Ina Road has acquired the pronunciation, "Eye-na."

The city of Casa Grande has no agreed upon pronunciation. From "Kassa" and "Kossa" to "Grand", "Grand-ay" and "Grandee", there are a variety of ways you can say it.

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