Stella's favorite items to minimize stretch marks

As I prepare for the arrival of my little girl, I can't help but look at my growing belly and love what my body is doing. It's such a blessing to see a life being created inside of me.

However, while I don't like to complain, my body is sore! With two weeks left to go, my back is aching, my feet are killing me and just when I thought my skin couldn't stretch anymore, it does!

Mommies, you know what I mean? 

Speaking of skin stretching, who is familiar with the itching skin feeling?
Research shows that we moms may get stretch marks during or after pregnancy, but there are things we can do to minimize them.
At the beginning of my pregnancy I got some advice from several moms and I want to pass on my two go-to products for anyone who's planning their next pregnancy. 
The first item is by Clarins -Tonic Body Treatment Oil: This product is a little pricey for the small bottle (3.4 oz at $60), but I swear it works miracles. Not only does it smell good, but it leaves your skin nice and moisturized, just what you need as your skin stretches.
What I do is lather it all over my body while showering. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin nice and hydrated. 
After I shower I use my second favorite product- coconut oil: Not coconut lotion , but organic unrefined coconut oil. You can buy it on Amazon or any health food store. Apply it all over your body (yes it's a greasy , but worth it ) and give it time to absorb.
I swear by it! 
If you have any favorite products that have helped you, please share with me!
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