Michigan 'Tutu Man' runs with American flag in hands

Runner wants to remind people of sacrifice

The flag carried by a runner known as "Tutu man" is a reminder of sacrifice.

A tutu he wears is a reminder not to take life too seriously, says Robert Wolduis, of Kenton County, Michigan. He started wearing it a few years ago after he wore one in a race, and feels it brings a smile to passersby.

Woldhuis, an Army veteran, is a hardcore runner and practices every day. He is currently training for a 50-mile marathon.


Fridays are "Carry the Flag Friday," in order to remind people of the sacrifices made for that American flag. When the flag gets heavy, it make shim think of those who died fighting for the U.S.

More than a decade ago, Woldhuis' two oldest sons were killed a car crash. When that happened, he fell into a dark place in life. Running helped him turn his life around, he told WXMI.