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Game review roundup: 'Taito Milestones' tops crop of new releases

A PlayStation 5 console and two controllers.
Posted at 2:13 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 14:41:20-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Here is a roundup of four recent game releases:

Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition

Themed with a paper-and-scissors crafting concept familiar to "Paper Mario" fans, "Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition" is a whimsical platformer that piles on the charm.

You guide a hero named Flat who can shape-shift among circle, square or triangle shapes depending on the needs of the situation. Puzzles, bosses and environmental challenges push you to toggle among your options.

The story has you contending with Hex, a masked thief who rains 3D chaos over the simplistic 2D environment.

Subtle humor, a relaxed overall challenge level and upbeat tone make "Flat Kingdom" appropriate for parents and kids to play together.

Ghostwire Tokyo

"Ghostwire Tokyo" brings some of the creative minds behind "Resident Evil" and "The Evil Within" together for a modern supernatural thriller set in, unsurprisingly, Tokyo.

As Tokyo's denizens are disappeared by mysterious ghostly creatures based on Shinto beliefs, a young man possessed by a supernatural detective obtains powers to combat the forces that have invaded his home. Finger guns and elemental powers abound as you sneak and fight your way through the metropolis.

The interesting premise and careful recreation of Tokyo make for good entertainment on the surface level but the gameplay is rather plain and uninspired. The open world map has the typical checklist of bland side-content to pad out the runtime. "Ghostwire Tokyo" won't make it on anyone's game of the year lists but if you're looking for an inoffensive and mostly fun action/horror game with an interesting premise, "Ghostwire" should sate you between big name releases.

Princess Farmer

A mashup of genres, "Princess Farmer" infuses match-3 gameplay into a visual novel setting.

Cutesy characters and silly scenarios abound, coaxing you to plow through the story.

You smash rocks, patching together patterns that create screen-clearing combinations.

Clumsy gameplay can hinder your will to proceed, but the lack of significant challenge keeps things rolling.

Collectibles abound, allowing you to trick out your fashion palette.

Taito Milestones

Bursting with value, this anthology rounds up a slew of legendary, genre-defining classics in one package.

The lineup includes "Quix" (1981), "Space Seeker" (1981), "Alpine Ski" (1982), "Front Line" (1982), "Chack'n Pop" (1983), "Elevator Action" (1983) , "The FairyLand Story" (1985), "Halley's Comet" (1986) and "The Ninjawarriors" (1987).

While most of the games have aged poorly, all carry the pick-up-and-play pull of arcade classics, as well as the accompanying difficulty level.

A particularly apt fit for the Switch, the games fit well in portable mode, on small screens with simplified control schemes.

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