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New fence to improve border security in Nogales

CREATED Jul 1, 2011

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Reporter: Guy Atchley
Web Producer: Layla Tang

NOGALES, Ariz.  (KGUN9-TV) - The U.S. Border Patrol believes the people of Nogales will be a lot safer this summer, all because of a new fence at the border.
A 2.8 mile stretch of the old, landing-mat style fencing is being replaced with a bollard-style fence.  Depending on the location, the new fence is two to three times taller than the old fence and extends much deeper into the ground than the old fence.  Border Patrol agents told KGUN9 News it's nearly impossible to go over, under, or through this new style of fencing.

"The bollards are filled with concrete, so not only would they have to cut through metal but they would also have to breach the concrete.  The footer would prevent the burrowing under of the fence, and the panels at the top prevent climbing," explained Agent Sabri Dikman.

The new fence will also help the Border Patrol because agents will be able to see through it, preventing sneak attacks by rock-throwers.

"It reduces the possibility for criminal activity, which impacts the community of Nogales. The smuggling activity, the assaults against the agents and the police officers that patrol this area," Dikman said.  "So with the completion of this fence that's going to increase the quality of life for the community here in Nogales.

The fence should be completed by July 22.