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"SILENT THINK TIME - HOW TO BRING VIRTUES BACK INTO OUR HOME, SCHOOLS, COUNSELING & WORK" WORKSHOP, BOOK SIGNING, FREE BOOKS OR CANDY. YOU TUNE-UP YOUR CAR? WHY NOT YOUR BODY, MIND & SOUL? 5 STAR RATINGS! SILENT THINK TIME - HOW TO BRING VIRTUES BACK INTO OUR HOME, SCHOOLS, COUNSELING AND WORK by Karen Zalubowski Stryker Jessica "Crossroads" says it's short but has a TON of info! Have you asked yourself lately, "Who am I in relation to the rest of the world?" and "What was my most precious moment today?" If you haven't asked yourself these questions than this book is for you. She goes into that technology has advanced in a way that we are more materialistic rather than pursuing our needs for love, balance, and becoming centered individuals. I LOVE this book. If you want to bring more balance into your life then this book is SO for you! Anne B. from Readers Favorite says, Ms Stryker expands on the topic, explaining the importance of attitudes and showing how meditation assists the body in healing. The concept has positive benefits that should be at least discussed by institutions. There is much more in this book than I can address in this review. Ms Stryker's book is interesting, well-organized and easy to read. Linda O's Book Review says, I was amazed by the breadth and scope of the information and references contained in it. It definitely encourages and supports establishing some quiet think time in our and our children's lives. Schools would be well served by adopting these suggestions and methods. SILENT THINK TIME (STT) guides us to daily positive thinking, breathing and physical exercises, ego release, body energy awareness, and shows you how to set up a STT room, as well as introspective questions, sayings, poems, and affirmations to stimulate emotionally balanced, polite, respectful, self-controlled, children and adults, whom understand their behaviors affects our inner-connectivity to everything. ALL home, schools, work and counseling can benefit! By applying these lessons, you can help change the quality of our homes, education, workplaces, institutions and organizational systems. Technology has advanced thousands of times faster than our true understanding of ourselves. The result is a greedy, violent world filled with emotionally numb, chronically sleep-deprived, ill-fed, and imbalanced people. SILENT THINK TIME can help you, as well as your spouse, children, students, coaches, clients, employees, veterans or inmates learn to behave in ways that are positively centered, emotionally balanced, peaceful, respectful, polite, self-controlled, patient, and understanding. Doing STT daily lessons will fuel a loving sensitivity toward others, serene composure, clearer thinking and a blissful enlightened mood. By reestablishing your intuitive self, STT keeps its practitioners positively motivated toward the correct pathways in life, through self-discipline, self-control and being in control of our own body healing. Do you want your students, family, clients, employees or inmates to behave in ways that are positively centered, emotionally balanced, cheerful, kind, respectful, polite, self-controlled, patient, understanding, wise and peaceful? As STT students or as meditators learn to silence the chatter of their minds, reducing the extraneous mental and emotional "noise clutter," we notice they become easier persons to be around because they seem steady, imperturbable and more balanced than others. Children pay a big price for living in this world of sensory and informational overload. The Internet, videos, iPods, TV and all the rest have turned our young emotionally numb. They create an amplified artificial support crutch, enabling youngsters to hide their pain, rather than communicating to those in their true support system: the families and relatives who love them unconditionally.

Occurs once: Oct 16, 2012 (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
Contact Name: Karen Z Stryker
Contact Phone: 520-260-8794

Barnes & Noble oct 16 4pm
5130 E Broadway & Rosemont, Tucson, AZ 85711

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