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Toro Loco Challenge

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Welcome to your race. You. Adventurer you. Mom you. Wild child you. Family man you. Athlete you. Weekend warrior you. Dog lover you. All of you. The Toro Loco Challenge is your race, offering two courses – one for the competitive athlete, and one for the other 95 percent of humanity. Equal fun, equal excitement, two courses. Register now! The Courses Raging Bull Hey adrenaline junkie. Yeah, you. Meet the Raging Bull, a difficult, dirty, mind-blowing, muscle-bulging, testosterone-filled adventure course that will test the limits of your physical fitness and mental sharpness. Think creative obstacles. Our obstacles are more than a couple of tires and a Duraflame.....our hit back....hard. It’s teasing you. It’s tempting you like a matador teasing a crazy bull. Get in the ring. Register now! Leisurely Longhorn Okay, so you’re not a Navy Seal. You never went pro. You have kids. And dogs. But you still want to run wild. So bring them. Introduce the family – two and four legged – to the Leisurely Longhorn, a more casual, less competitive course designed for the whole family. Get your mind clear and your clothes dirty. Revel in all the fun of a mud run, without the months of physical preparation. Underachievers unite. And let’s be honest, kids and dogs love mud. You love them. You’ll be their hero. Time for miles of smiles, amigos! Register now!

Occurs once: Apr 7, 2012 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Contact Name: David

TLC Field
20040 S. Norma Road, Eloy, AZ, AZ 85231

Ticket Price: $75
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Tucson, AZ

ESE at 6 mph

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